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Sanguine (Blood-feeding) Vampires

What They are:
Those cursed with vampirism; A virus that is spread via a venomous bite – meaning that the host must feed from the bodily fluid (Blood) of another living creature to survive, as they cannot gain natural nutrients through consumption of food produce.

Typical Appearances:
Vampire tend to look like any ordinary human so as they can integrate in human society undetected.
Contrary to popular belief, vampires do not always have pale skin. Because the colour of skin is determined by pigmentation (which is effected by geography and genetics) their species has no effect on what their pallor; though having said this they do appear to be sickly and pale/malnourished if they have not fed for a while – this is probably where the belief sprung from.
Vampire do indeed have fangs, these are designed to puncture the skin so as they can consume the blood that seeps from the wound.
Sanguine vampires often have a red-ish tint to their iris- the reason for this is unknown.

Very little is known as to how the virus came about though what is known is that it has been around for millennia. The first infected would have spread the virus quickly as the urge to feed is more or less instantaneous after turning.

Vampires ‘powers’ are very limited as their species bestows very little in the way of it.
However as they are reacquired to hunt their sight, hearing and smell is enhanced, meaning they are able to see in the dark with ease and eves drop more efficiently – ie: hearing something a fair way away.

As vampires no long feed as their bodies where designed to as humans, their immune system somewhat suffer: Meaning that they contract illnesses more easily if they let themselves go without feeding.
They are also very sensitive to salt, though not in the sense of skin contact, rather consumption. As vampires CAN still consume food if they choose; they are in danger of consuming too large amount of salt.
It is very uncommon that a new born will have any urge to eat food for a fair while after having turned, this meaning that their body is no longer used to having to cope with high amounts of sodium, if they then start to eat, as many foods have high amounts of sodium it can thus make them very ill.

If a child is born of a vamperic blood-line they usually age until they are fully matured at 18-21, but then the virus halts their aging.
As for sired vampires, their aging halts after they have fully turned, for some the turn is so traumatic that they do not make it through alive.

Vampire where highly discriminated whilst on earth and so they choose to live in Covens, this remains so in Azura
A Coven is usually made of 4 ranks:
Elders – A group of people whom are usually ancients of the bloodline. They control as to what happens in the Coven.

Council Members – Up to 12, no less than 6 people, Elite members of the coven chosen by the elders – usually due to their financial stance.

Coven Master – The coven master is chosen by the elders like the councillors.
His/Her job is sire newborns to create a stronger coven – these sires are usually dispensable. He/She must also keep them fed and under control. He also leads the Council if/when the Elders sleep.

Royalty/Aristocracy – Elite caste within the coven - Those whom are protected for their genes.

Merchants – Those whom own businesses in the mortal world, they usually run the ‘stock villages’ or own an establishment in it. (Coven money makers)

Millitary/ Hunters – These groups are usually combined. They either fight off the enemy be them other species or another coven. They also go on private missions to eliminate those they are ordered to by the Elder/Coven Master.

Sired – Those who join the coven either having been sired by the Coven master as they have a desirable quality or they join for shelter. The largest sector of the coven – average vampires living under the coven, they rely on the coven to stay fed. If they feed within the covens land without being a member of it they will be sought by the Hunters and eliminated.
Servers – Humans that live to feed the higher ranks of the coven members.

A vamperic Covens role is always go own as much land as possible and have human stock live upon it so as they can feed.

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