Kinbok Qo Vahlok. '' Son of The Storm ''

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Kinbok Qo Vahlok. '' Son of The Storm ''

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---OOC Information---
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Real life name: Andre
[ This is my Secondary Character. ]
---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Kinbok Qo Vahlok
Meaning of Name: Kinbok: '' Born Leader '' . Qo: '' Lightening ''. Vahlok: Guardian.

Previous; Guardian Family under Unahzaal (until its cease.)
Current; Elder of Dragonian Reyliik. ( Dragonian Race )

Coven/Clan Belonged to:[ Vahlok ]. - Guardian Family of Dragons to Overlord Unahzaal.
Vahlok was One of Three Ancient Dragon ''Bloodlines''. Meaning Guardian; ancestors from the beginning of time. Guardians and keepers of the Ruling Overlord as it was meant. Vahlok was the only of the three willing to associate itself with a mortal body. So along the lines; in distant history, all dragonians could be traced back to Vahlok. However those in the Family Coven are pure.

Apparent Age ; 20 - 30.

Real Age: 662.

Birthplace: Socrin, Greenland.

Current Residence: Cave in Alabaster's woodlands.

Lives With: Himself.

Occupation: Mercenary , Traveller.

Past Occupations: Guardian, Overseer, Master of Shout.

Species: Dragonian

Sex: Male

Birthday: August 21.

Physical Appearance (Please include a picture)

General Description/Facial Features (Best to fill this out completely as possible if your picture is a drawing/anime):

Height & Body Type: Tall, Large, Capable of dragon form.

Eyes: Golden.

Skin Tone: Pale skin tone; Blueish; sometime purple Scale tone.


Type of Dresser: Warrior , Or noble. Either dressing in full armor; Or Traditional elegant looking robes.

Hair Color & Style: Normally Spiked or a mess. Dark Blue.

Tattoos/Piercings: '' Qo '' ( Lightening. Back of Neck. ), '' Yol '' ( Fire, right shoulder. ) '' Od'' (Snow, Left shoulder)

Other (Wings, ears, etc):
Capable of obtaining dragon form; or various body parts. such as Scaled wings, Claws, Breath, Or Scaled Flesh.
Enhanced Senses of Understanding, Smell, Sight, Hearing, And Spirit.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: A bit cocky , and scared of insects and temptation.

Mental State: Level headed. Wise.

Talents: Sword handling, Flying.

What does your character have a passion for?: Knowledge, and leadership

Self-Image: Confident.

Weakness : Large Blows, Decapitation.. too much blood loss?

Special Abilities/Powers:
Elemental manipulation.
Power of Shout. * limited capabilities*

Popular or Loner: Inbetween

Overall Personality: Honorable, eager leader. Wise, and careful. Not too humorous.

Best Personality Trait:

Worst Personality Trait: Often speaks in ancient dragon language, without knowing so.
Oftens butts into events hes not, or shouldnt be involved in.

Fears: Forever Living. Destruction of world. Becoming a pet, or permanent Dragon

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: He fears theres no love for him in this world; though his mind is on a level where all races, are equal.

Relationship History: A crush On a Dragoness In his first ages of birth. Another young blonde, Whom he never got to meet.

General Likes: Learning About all other species, and cultures. Travelling the world.

General Dislikes: Orcish race, the only one he considers less equal. coming up from Brutal scum.

Usually Equipped With [Weapons and other objects]: A Large Claymore; that could barely be held up by smaller Races, Even Orcish and Vampire finding it hard to wield.


Mother: Salvama Vahlok

Mother's role in upbringing: Death, by birth of her son.

Father: Davnimir Krosis.

Father's role in upbringing: Rarely Saw him; met him only 3 - 4 times.

Family Finances: None

Birth Order & Siblings: Unknown.

Relationships with Siblings: None.

Ethnic Heritage: Dragonian.

Accent: Low, Powerful Voice.

History: (Please be as detailed as possible here)

Languages Spoken: English, Dragon

Theme Song: Roxanne - Sting & The Police.


Enemies With: Orc,

People Disliked: Cocky, dumb, or loud people.

Favorite Spot: Ravenwood

Can Usually Be Found At:The Library or Tavern


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