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Clans & Covens - Basic Information Empty Clans & Covens - Basic Information

Post  Jessyka on Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:09 pm

What are they?
Covens and clans are groups of characters that all share a common interest or other element. They work together as a special type of community.

What do they do?
Depending on what/who's clan or coven you join, there are a variey of functions within them: some work together to achieve things (either positive or negative), others are rivals with other clans/covens, and some are even just groups of people trying to create friendship.

How can I be in one?
Again, this depends on which you decide you would like to be in. Every coven has different requirements for joining-- some more extreme than others. While some may let you in upon asking, others require a proof of loyalty or even overcoming some challenge issued by someone in the higher ranks of it. It's important you carefully read through the post that the owner/leader of the clan makes under this category about that clan/coven to see what requirements are. Some may even have you fill out another template to join.

Can I make my own?
Yes, but you must be a regular member of the RP, have all mods and the owner added to your friends list, be able to be online at least twice a week, and not have broken any of the Rp's rules for more than two weeks.You must also have at least two other APPROVED members that are interested in being in your coven and present your idea to a mod, who will present it to the owner.

-You cannot exclude someone from a clan or coven based on OOC reasons.
-Though there are rivalries between some covens or clans, it is important to keep in mind that Alabaster is not a purely combat RP. Fighting is fine, but not if the soul purpose of the clan or coven is to fight each other.
-This is not an excuse to harrass people to spar with you. If you would LIKE to spar, that is fine, but please do not bother everyone to spar with you if you are told no several times.

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