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Suggestions for Creating Clans & Covens Empty Suggestions for Creating Clans & Covens

Post  Jessyka on Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:24 pm

Here are a few suggestions if you are looking into creating a clan or a coven.

-Clans or covens do not have to be restricted to certain species, though for some species (like fallen angels and vampires), it is more common that they join strictly uni-racial covens/clans.

-If a coven or clan is uni-racial, there are specific names that the clan or coven will go by, depending on the species, of course. This does not count for all species.
+Uni-racial group of angels or fallen angels: A choir.
+Uni-racial group of werewolves or lycans: A pack
+Uni-racial group of fae or elves: A court.
+Uni-racial group of demons: A guild.
+Uni-racial group of vampires: A coven.

-Ranks in covens or clans are optional, but can provide more interesting scenarios and scenes. If you wish to have ranks within your group, you must have at least six members in it.

-If you would like to have a rivalry between two groups, you must consult the owner of the other group on it first and come up with a reason for the rivalry. The reason can be nearly anything, but it must be relevant to the reason why both groups exist (example: vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, meaning a coven and a pack would naturally become easy rivals).

-If you would like some guidance when making the topic for your coven or clan, feel free to use this template, though it is not required:

Name of Coven or Clan:

Is it uni-racial? If so, to what race?

If it's not uni-racial, what is the meaning behind the coven?

What are the requirements to join?

Is there a head-quarters? (Also, please include this in the room directory)

Any rivalries?

Who is the leader?


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