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More on adding pics to bios Empty More on adding pics to bios

Post  Herus on Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:13 pm

Hey guys this is a little more info on the tips Jess gave, If you cant find the URL of a picture, you can also upload them to your bio off of your hard-drive, I often do this as I like to edit my pics - Resize, Color changes, Cropping etc.

STEP 1. SAVE your picture to your hard -drive, in 'My Documents', 'My Pictures' ya know the place
STEP 2. This is where you find it in your hard drive through your Forumotion.

More on adding pics to bios Tool_b10
This is the tool bar at the top of you 'New topic' window

So as Jess said 'Click' the Icon that looks like this
More on adding pics to bios Icon10
The one with the little floppy disc Very Happy

STEP 3. Then you can find your picture but clicking 'Choose File' After finding it simply 'Click' 'Host It'

STEP 4. It will bring up something like this
More on adding pics to bios Stage_10

STEP 5. here there are two option, I have explored both, they both work one being longer than the other, whatever works for you.
a. You can copy the 2nd line 'Image:' and then Copy it straight to your page.
b. Longer, but as I usally do it. You can copy the 3rd line 'Image URL'

STEP 6. having done b. you then click the icon next to the one before that looks like this >>>More on adding pics to bios Icon_210
They look very similar, this one doesn't have the floppy disc. Very Happy

STEP 7. Having 'clicked' it it will look like this
More on adding pics to bios Stage_11
Okay, so then Paste the 'Image URL' you copied into the box Very Happy then 'click' OK

STEP 8. It will appear at the bottom of your page, just highlight it from the [img]- to the [img/] and then copy it pasting it where ever you want on your Bio.
If you followed choice a. the of course you can do the same thing by highlighting, copy, pasting!

I hope this helped even if it was just a break down.

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