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Longer, more descriptive Bio Template Empty Longer, more descriptive Bio Template

Post  Jessyka on Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:55 pm

This template is an alternative to the shorter one that is designed to help you develop your character as well as possible. It does require some time and energy to fill this out completely, so it is advised that you rp as your intended character a few times before you decide to complete THIS template. The reason for this suggestion is so that you have an idea of how you will rp your character as and maybe even establish a few relationships ICly. The more detail you can put into this template, the more developed of a character you should have.

This is not reccomended when/if you are making a biography for a secondary character that you do not intend to use very often.

Anything with [ ] or ( ) around it can be erased from the template while you are completing it, as what they contain are simply explanations or notes to help you out.

-IMPORTANT TIP: As this template takes a little more time to work through, it's suggested you do it in a word document, as the forums can sometimes time out after you've been working on a post for a longer length of time.-

---OOC Information---
Habbo Username:
Real life name (This is optional, but it will help us establish a better connection with you OOCly):

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name:

Titles [Both currently held and previous] (This is important if your character is part of the nobility):

Meaning of Name:

Coven/Clan Belonged to:

Apparent Age [Important to include for species with slowed or stopped physical aging]:

Real Age:


Current Residence (Room, not town):

Lives With:


Past Occupations:


Nickname(s) [If any]:



Physical Appearance (Please include a picture)

General Description/Facial Features (Best to fill this out completely as possible if your picture is a drawing/anime):

Height & Body Type:


Skin Tone:


Type of Dresser:

Hair Color & Style:


Other (Wings, ears, etc):

Personality & Such


Mental State:



Interests (Different than likes and dislikes. What does your character have a passion for?):

Self-Image [How does your character see him/herself? Is he/she confident, or are they insecure?]:

Weakness (Must have at least one):

Special Abilities/Powers [Please make sure your powers or abilities go along with your species!]:

Popular or Loner:

Overall Personality:

Best Personality Trait:

Worst Personality Trait:



Thoughts on love & Relationships:

Relationship History:

General Likes:

General Dislikes:

Usually Equipped With [Weapons and other objects]:



Mother's role in upbringing:


Father's role in upbringing:

Family Finances:

Birth Order & Siblings:

Relationships with Siblings:


Ethnic Heritage [What ethnicity is your character descent from? English? Irish? Chinese?]:


History: (Please be as detailed as possible here)

Languages Spoken:


Theme Song:

(This is an optional section you can fill out.)
Friends With:

Enemies With:

People Disliked:

Favorite Spot:

Can Usually Be Found At:

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