Reporting Someone? Read this first

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Reporting Someone? Read this first Empty Reporting Someone? Read this first

Post  Jessyka on Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:34 pm

Please make sure you have read the rules topic before reporting another member to see if they have actually violated one of the OFFICIAL rules. If you think they have done something ELSE that you believe we should be aware of, please specify that.

When reporting, make sure to include the following info:

-What happened?
-Who was this person? (Username on either habbo or forums. Both prefered)
-When did this happen?
-Was there an admin around?
-Was the person told to stop more than once?
-Who was involved?

Remember, we don't want to accuse or warn someone that hasn't done anything wrong, so please make sure to include ALL information. Reports that do not include what happened will be ignored.

Thank you!


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