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Post  Jessyka on Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:02 am

Is there a species that you think other people would enjoy rping as?

Please, leave any suggestions here. The owner and us mods will then review what the species is and if it fits the RP (including its rules), then decide on whether or not it should go on the valid species list. Please try to make all suggestions about the species as detailed as possible, so us mods don't have to go out and do a ton of research on it.

Try to include...

-What the species typically looks like (human-like? Does it have wings? Scales? Let us know!)
-Powers or abilities they typically have
-Do they have any special qualities that set them apart from other species?
-If they are descent from any other species
-Are they obviously related to the demonic or angelic species in any way? (this includes the hybrid species).

Feel free to get as creative as you want here! You can use species that you've come up with on your own, or others that you've heard of before. However...

Please, no Greek myth species! As the rp has angelics and demonics in it, it is based off of the Christian mythicals. Since Greek myth is a religious based mythology, the two clash. So, please no Greek gods, demi-gods, or Minotaurs and the like.

We also ask that you read through the description of any species that may be related to the one you are suggesting. If there are too many similarities between the two, then it will most likely not be approved as a separate species. Also, we will not allow for personal, customized species, as it is not fair to other members.

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Suggest A Species Empty Djinn

Post  Captain Smiles on Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:50 am

I made a huge post on Djinn ages ago, hat happened to it ? I'm not replicating it but Id like to see them in the rp.

Captain Smiles

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