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What is it that you seek?

Cinis cineris ut Navitas - Ashes to Energy.

The Rossetta, an ancient vampiric coven traced all the way back to the first generation of vampirics, began out as a fairly wealthy family of Psionics within Northern Italy. The coven rose into power rather quickly, through the means of violently [both physically and mentally] eliminating any and all competition and enemies. Through time, they only grew more powerful in Italy and eventually settled in the heart of Venice, the headquarters of the coven being a massive Pallazzo. They spread their power through Europe until they became a known power around the time of the late 1600s, when the Pure Blooded Septum [the seven children of the current Head of the coven] proved to be the most gifted of the coven and served a special place in the coven.

Now, in the modern world, they are still known through the mythical communities as a force to be reckoned with and have opened up their doors to those who are non-vampirics. The Rossetta welcome any who deem themselves worthy of entry into the coven and promise that all members will reap the many benefits that come with joining..,


If becoming part of The Rossetta is something you so desire, it is a short path to travel, but one that requires a great deal of effort and a willingness to commit oneself to the coven. The Rossetta do not ask much of their members, but what they do ask for must be expressed fully.

If you are looking to join the ranks of The Rossetta, please speak to any other member, or the head of the coven.

Now open to members of any species.
-Vampirics are allowed into the coven with little question and little hassle. They must only show their loyalty to the coven in some way, shape or form and agree to the terms of the coven.
-Non-Vampirics must prove themselves worthy to be in the coven. While this isn't a very difficult task, it does take a little bit of time and effort, as well as patience.

All members are given some sort of ankh to represent their membership within the coven. While the ankh is an Egyptian symbol and The Rossetta are of European/Mediterranean of descent, it is the symbol chosen to appropriately represent the coven. The ankh represents "eternal life", which was previously related to the fact that The Rossetta were largely psionic-vampiric based, but now represents the power and age behind the coven.

~The Rossetta - Cinis cineris ut Navitas ~ Ankh10


A traditional coven, the Rossetta is usually based on a patriarchy, in which the eldest and most suitable son of the "pure blooded" [any child descent from one of Septum] is known as the Head. However, this is purely based on tradition, as females have been allowed opportunities to take the spot for many years. When the position is opened up, it is put up to vote before the entire coven, out of three potential nominees. As well as there being a Head, there is also someone in place as an "Heir", who is an automatic nominee for the spot as Head, should the spot be opened up, and has received specific training from the Head.


Current Head: Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black

Current Heir: -

Militant/Combatant Officer: Angelo Rossetta - First of the Septum
Guard/Defense Office:
Alliance Officer: Rose Courtez
Financial Over-seer: [OPEN]

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