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If you have any comments or concerns please contact the RP staff either via habbo or the forum. We try to be rather lenient with the rules, so we are willing to talk to you if there is a problem or something you have a question on. We're here to help make the RP fun for everyone!

Remember, the moderators and owners of the rp are here to HELP you. We aren't trying to make your time here difficult. Should you choose to follow the rules of the rp accordingly, difficulty will never be the case. However, should there be an issue in which you fail to respect a moderator or the owners, you should be prepared to deal with the consequences, which will be, in most cases, removal from the rp itself.

REMEMBER: We are your FRIENDS, not your enemies, we do make the occasional mistake ourselves, and we work VERY hard to keep the rp running smoothly for EVERY member.

We ask that you bare in mind whilst Role-playing and reading these rules that Alabaster Role-play is firstly a Descriptive Role-play and we are based on Plot and Character development. As a close knit community this makes for very interesting and involved scenes. Please take our rules seriously, as they are not there to restrict you but make Role-play more fun for yourself, whilst not being hindered by 'noobs' and rule-breakers.

Forum Rules

■Always post in the appropriate category.

■ Choose your species from the list provided - please bare in mind that the information given to you about the species is designed to fit the RP, anything you wish to add you must speak to the admin about. Keep the restrictions of your species.

■Do not spam.

■ Do not post harmful criticism on anybody's post. You can post constructive criticism, though, as the poster will probably appreciate it. If you aren't sure if what you have to say is harmful or constructive, ask yourself; would I be annoyed or appreciative if someone told me/pointed this out to me?

■Swearing is allowed, but please, don't use it excessively as it may offend some. Racism is NOT acceptable!

■Try to be original when creating your characters. Some people have traits that are distinct for their character and might not want you having that same trait. If it is something minor (such as a hairstyle), it isn't a big deal. If it is something specific to a blood-line or that character that makes them unique, it is reccomended you ask that member if you can use that trait.*

*We don't expect you to read every single bio on the forums, so sometimes it's not possible to notice these things.
We try to be lenient

RP Rules

■FOUR OR MORE WORDS PER LINE, Keep in mind that ARP is a desc Role-play.
Please be as descriptive and creative as possible with out using too many fillers.
3 wording is considered void.

■Fillers are allowed (As I, With Ease, As I then, now, here... Etc), but generally we prefer you not to use them as they add very little to your Role-play.

■NO TEXT SPEECH. Short abbreviations and text speech are not accepted as valid RP. Please avoid it!

■EMOTES: Please keep them to a minmum [Examples; do not use >.>, , and the like when IC.] It is understood that they are somewhat a habit, though they are not counted as valid within Alabaster RP.

■Everyone is able to be killed in some way, shape or form! It does not matter what species you are, you're still able to die. Anyone who claims other wise is God moding and shall be removed from the rp for 24 hours -banned if they proceed after said time.

■There is absolutely NO randoming allowed.
Randoming is the intended attacking, injuring, or killing of another persons character for absolutely no reason.
Attacking another character because you don't like that particular species also counts as randoming.
You must have some motivation behind the attack, as well as also having interacted with that character before.
If you are caught randoming, you will be suspended from the RPG or a full day
(24 hours, not when you wake back up and log back on in the morning or whenever).
Repeat offences will be permenantly banned.

■ 3 lines to injure!
5 to maim/seriously injure
8 to KO
10to kill.
There is no perm-killing. Death time is half an hour (30 minutes)
It's so high because we are not a combat based Role-play.

■Do not use excessive OOC in IC rooms. It is annoying and pointless.
A little every so often is fine, but too much will disrupt over members RPing in the area and what not.
This rule is very important in this RP, and so you will be warned to go IC or return to the OOC area three times before being kicked from the room. Using the excuse "I didn't see that you warned me" is unacceptable-- look up from your keyboards when mods are in rooms!

■Guns are allowed, but greatly frowned upon.
This is a descriptive/plot based RP, meaning fighting and killing is not the soul purpose of it. If you are seeking a place like that, we ask that you try another RP.


■Lines must be readable. Any line with four or more completely butchered misspellings will be voided.

■ VALID SPECIES: ON OUR LIST - anyone that has a species in their moto that isn't on the forum will be asked to change it.

■ MOTO: You cannot enter the RPG without a valid moto : i.e. - John, Human, 16, knife.
Name & Race MUST be in your moto. Age and Equipment is optional.

■ Moto information is for OOC use only, no other characters knows any of the information displayed on your moto unless you tell them or reveal something Icly. This allows characters to be mysterious if they wish, as 'concealed' is not a valid tag in your moto.

■ Do not take OOC matters IC. If you get into a fight with someone OOCly, it doesn't mean you can just attack their character. It is unfair and immature.

■ Proof of unruly activities will need to be presented to the admin in form of a screenshot of the event.
If no screenshot can be provided and it is only YOUR word we are going off of, the issue will be dismissed, unless it is extreme. We will try to get BOTH sides of the story in any situation though.


Rules for OOC and IC

■If there is a complain against you from more than one member, the owner or a mod will investigate the issue. If what the complaint is against is severe enough, you can be banned from the RP.

■In the subject you wish to start an event within the rp, if it will/can effect the ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP POPULATION OF THE RP, it must be cleared with the owners first. Remember, the rp's storyline is so open for a purpose: it allows members to create storylines for their own individual characters and groups they choose to rp with. We try to keep it that way.

■BE RESPECTFUL TO OTHER PEOPLE. Not everyone comes from the same place, the same background, or shares the same opinion. We do not care if you disagree with a person on something, but if you become disrespectful, a mod or the owner will warn you to stop being so.

■On the subject of OOC arguments; if you are in an argument with someone that seems to be escalating out of control, a mod or the owner will try to break it up. This is not a place for flame wars and fights, we are here to have fun!

■RESPECT THE MODERATORS AND OWNERS. Hey, we aren't perfect, though we try to be! Realize that we do, on the occasion, make a mistake, and are more than willing to admit to that. However, if you come to complain about this said mistake and cannot do so in a reasonable, respectful, and calm manner, WE WILL NOT BOTHER TO TALK TO YOU. Realize that the mods and owners are here TO HELP YOU and we put in a good deal of hard work to keep the rp running, and will not let one person ruin it for everyone else.

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