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Originally Played by: Jess - ShadowMarie1850/RelentlessProse

Character is currently living in Venice, Italy
Vital Statistics

Full name: Valentina Marina Elizabeth Rossetta

Birthday: March 15, 1579.

Apparent Age: No older than 24

True Age: 433

Sex: Female.

Titles: Lady Rossetta. She doesn't mind the title, but feels more comfortable being just called Valentina.

Meaning of Name: Healthy, strong, though she was named for Saint Valentine. She finds her name to be a bit of a sick joke [See powers & abilities for more]

Coven/Clan Belonging to: The Rossetta - Third of the Septum. She is currently in apprenticeship to step up into the role of elder in the coven.

Birthplace: Venice, Italy, in the Rossetta family Pallazo.

Current Residence: The Rossetta Pallazzo.

Lives With: Her siblings and coven.

Occupation: Currently training to take on the role of a dying elder. Her training consists of studying the histories of all major covens in Europe, physical conditioning, and learning how to influence the coven in a subtle way. Once an elder, she will have reached one of the highest positions available to any coven and will be able to influence its laws.

Species: Pure-Blooded Psionic Vampire. However, because of how close her blood-line is to the first psionic vampire, there is a gene within her that is very similar to those found in succubi.

Nickname: Val or V, but she prefers being called her full first name. Her brother and select few others call her "bella" (her nickname since she was a child), which means "beautiful" in Italian

Physical Appearance

Lady Valentina Rossetta 45bc0b11

General Description: If one were to look at Valentina, it would be easy to see where she gets her nickname "bella". During her life in Venice, she was renowned for her physical appearance from the time she was a mere child. However, this never really got to her, and so, she was not inflicted by over-confidence or any sort of conceited personality. Valentina is indeed beautiful-- very much so. She has very feminine, yet intense, features. A heart-shaped face, full, rose colored lips that always seem to be in a sly, mischievous smirk. Her skin is free of any sort of blemish and its fair, smooth complexion makes it seem as if she has never spent too much time in the sun. Her features seem to stand out so much simply because they contrast each other so dramatically. She seems to radiate confidence, which can leave her very intimidating, especially to other females.

Height: 5' 6''

Build/Weight: Rather curvaceous, however, she is not overweight or the least bit chubby. She has the sort of figure that was found very desirable up until the age of the "rail thin, model types"; it can be considered hourglass, yet she is still slender.

Eyes: Valentina's eyes are easily the most captivating feature about her beauty, as the color is so rare-- even for psionic vampires. They are large and cat-like, with a pure violet iris. The color seems to darken with thirst; changing to a dark onyx-like shade. They seem to look through people than look at them, which can give them a rather haunting appearance.

Skin Tone: Very fair with ivory undertones that stand out more in the sunlight. All traces of her natural Mediterranean skin tone have vanished.

Scars: Several small, almost completely faded scars along her neck, shoulders, and collar bone. They are almost unnoticeable unless one is looking for them and standing at a close distance.

Type of Dresser: Valentina tends to wear clothes that have been specifically made for her, and so, they fit her body to a T. Some of her clothing can be rather revealing, but not in a way that is raunchy or suggestive. She likes to wear Victorian-Gothic inspired clothing, such as corsets and fitted jackets. Her style is girly in its own darker way, but never frilly or childish. One will never see her wearing pastels or pinks.

Hair Color: Raven black, with a little bit of red in it during the summer months

Hair Style: Very long (down to the center of her back), and naturally wavy.

Tattoos/Piercings: Her ears are pierced. She has a very small tattoo of a completely black bird on her collar bone.

Lady Valentina Rossetta 67527_10

The tattoo-like markings on her shoulder in this picture were not real; they were merely decorative and done with a temporary ink that came off the next day.

Personality & Such

Illness: Valentina is subject to a rather rare illness that relates both to stress and her blood. While the disease is genetic, only she and her twin inherited it, as their mother was a carrier for it. Valentina herself is not a carrier though, and so, cannot pass the disease on.

The illness remains dormant and does not effect her most of the time, but is triggered during times of stress. Her body is unable to handle the physical aspect of extreme stress, and so, her the temperature of her blood begins to rise and her blood-cells are unable to contain as much oxygen as they should be. She develops a fever and, oddly enough, her scent becomes stronger and sweeter. If the fever escalates too much, is present for too long, or the stress is too extreme, she can slip into a comatose like state where her brain shuts down until her body is able to process through the over-heated blood.

Over the past few years she has discovered a medication that lowers her fever and prolongs some of the symptoms of the disease. If her stress becomes too much to the point where her pills aren't helping her, she is able to have a blood-transfusion from another psionic to get rid of some of the bad blood.

Mental State: Valentina's mind is one that has slowly been eroding as the years have gone by. Her sanity only comes to her in spurts now and she finds herself a big sufferer of post traumatic stress syndrome, as her repressed memories have begun to return to her. She has found she isn't as capable of handling them as she once thought and feels as if she has lived for too long, resulting in several attempts at her own life. All of these have been easily thwarted and were not very well planned out. Her once brilliant mind has been polluted by all of this, but it does have a habit of returning in moments where those around her least expect it...

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Hunting, reading, wandering around the forest.

Interests: Books and any form of literature, classical music.

Talents: Very skilled with knives and a gifted violinist, though you're lucky if you catch her playing.

Self-Image: Arrogant. Valentina is fully aware of her appearance, the amount of money and power she has, and how people see that. She can seem VERY haughty to many people -- especially to females, who she has never gotten along very well with.

Weakness: Blood [it acts as an acid to her], her temper, her illness.

Special Abilities/Powers: The ability that her "sin" has given her. As she does make up the sin of Lust under the seven deadly sins, Valentina is able to alter the chemical in ones mind that brings about the feeling of desire or want. She can increase the intensity of this feeling to the point where one may feel like he or she will go insane with want, though it is often never granted. She is also an umbrist and can manipulate shadows.

Popular or Loner: An interesting combination of the two. While she is outgoing, she's very private about her past, her personal life, or anything that isn't obvious about herself.

Best Characteristic: Her ability to charm others into doing her bidding. She has earned bad reputations in the past as a tease toward men because of this.

Worst Characteristic: Her short temper and quick mouth. She often says things she doesn't mean, though knows they can be hurtful. She can also be very jealous of those who have more than her. She's incredibly possessive at times and extremely territorial towards other females.

Overall Personality: Valentina has a rather complex and intricate personality. While she can seem rather cold or stand-offish to some, she is warm and welcoming to others. It all depends on what sort of mood or enviorment she is in. She is a very honest person though, and is not afraid to give a truthful opinion when asked of it, regardless of whether or not it will hurt the person asking. If there is one thing she is though, it is loyal. To those who she truly cares for, she will never speak poorly of them and stand by them. Once her trust is lost, it is very difficult to gain back.

Fears: Rejection of any sort, loosing or seeing any of her family members hurt.

Pet Peeves: Shallow girls. If she is talking to a girl she finds to be vapid or shallow, she will become impatient with them and even seem rude.

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on love & relationships: Valentina believes strongly in the fact that there is someone perfect out their for everyone, but until that person shows up, feel free to do whatever you damn want with your romantic life.

Past Relationships: Valentina's relationship history remains a mystery to most, though it is rumored she once went through men like clothes, careless about the emotions of the men she left behind in the wake of her "curse". One rumor that circulates about her is that once, a man whom she had turned down had cut out his heart and had a servant deliver it to her...

For about 18 years, Valentina was involved with Lord Abel Black. The two were first friends and slowly, their relationship turned into something more. They eventually had three children and married, but their relationship seemed to be toxic to Valentina, as they endured far too many problems. This lead to her leaving Abel, though the two are not on harsh terms, as the end of their relationship seemed inevitable.

Current Relationship Status: For the first time in a very long time, Valentina is currently single. She has no intention of seeking any sort of serious relationship, but that won't stop her from having a little fun every now and then...

General Likes: Rainy days, forests, talking walks at night, reading, intelligent conversations,hunting (which she considers an art form), quiet places. Oddly enough, Valentina enjoys it when people make false judgments about her. She finds it a fun challenge to prove what others say about her wrong.

General Dislikes: Girls who are self-centered and shallow, the heat, having to do things she doesn't want to do, anything extremely athletic (other than hunting), not having something that someone else has, large crowds.

Equipped: Usually she carries very little with her. Always has on her: a small, silver tin of pills which are the medication she takes to help subdue her fever, her dagger. She sometimes carries a tube of red lipstick with her, or her journal.

She is also usually seen wearing a pendant; her silver ankh to represent her coven

Lady Valentina Rossetta Vakanh10


Mother: Elizabetta Rossetta

Mother's role in upbringing: A traditional type of mother, Elizabetta was very concerned with teaching all of her children to grow up to be proper and cultured. However, she vouched for the typical lifestyle at the time for her daughters and taught them the basics on maintaining a strong household.

Father: Antonio Rossetta

Father's role in upbringing: Oddly enough, Antonio spent good amount of time with Valentina. He saw promising things for her education, which was very rare at the time for females to posses.

Family Finances: Nobility.

Birth Order & Siblings: 3rd oldest. Sister Andrianna, her brother Angelo, she and her twin, Lauretta, then her two other brothers, Nicholas and Francesco. A seventh child was also born, Romero, after Francesco, but was born into death.

Relationship with siblings: Distant. The only sibling she is still close to is Angelo.

Education: The best one could get during the 17th century.

Ethnic Heritage: One-hundred percent Italian and psionic vampire.

Accent: Fading Italian accent.


Valentina was born from two well-known psionic vampires that kept their vampiric status a secret from anyone who was not close family. When her mother found out she was pregnant, she had hoped that she would have a boy to avoid having to make decisions about other children's futures. Instead, she had a pair of fraternal twins, both female. It seemed that their fates were sealed at birth. As she was growing up though, she became the envy of her family: she was the most passionate of all her siblings in any studies, causing both brothers, with the exception of Angelo, to despise her. Her two sisters (she and Lauretta were fraternal, but looked nearly identical. Lauretta's nose and face shape was slightly different and her hair was dark brown) envied her beauty and how men seemed to pay the most attention to her, rather than them.

As children, Lauretta and Valentina would often play a game where they would pretend to be one-another for the day to fool their parents. Due to an act that made it so fathers in the nobility had to distribute the wealth among all children who married, it was common for families to only have one daughter and one son to marry, leaving the other sons to do as they wish and the daughters to enter convents, become prostitutes, or serve as nannies for the siblings that were wed. On the day it was decided who would marry in Valentina's family, she and her sister were playing that game. Valentina was chosen, but her mother believed that Lauretta was really Valentina. When Valentina stepped forward to confess, her mother thought she was merely jealous and shipped her off to a convent at the age of 15 where she lived for 2 years, during which her sister pretended to be her, married, and had a son.

Valentina escaped and went after her sister, demanding that the truth be revealed. When her sister refused, Valentina murdered her, making it look like she had died of illness due to a post-childbirth illness. In order to avoid coming into contact with her brother-in-law, she fled to Spain, where she lived for several years. While there, she perfected her abilities with hunting, discovering there were to ways for her to feed, the latter being much more effective and long lasting.

The World

After leaving Venice for obvious safety reasons, Valentina chose the life of a traveler for quite some time. She would spend a few months to a year in one city or region before packing up and moving again as if she were never there. All the while, her vampiricy was kept a secret, leading her to be a mysterious and shady person wherever she went. She was accused and suspected of the murder of many men-- all of whom had died smiling-- but was never tried or found guilty for crimes she would now happily admit she committed. She does not remember much about her time in other countries, as those memories all seem to blur together for her. She can recall bits and pieces of her travels, but does not find their tales very interesting.


Valentina came into Alabaster on an accident: she had been headed for an old family friend whom she had inherited a bit of land from in another small town in England, but found herself lost and in a strange village she had never heard of. She stumbled into a small tavern that night, and stumbled into a new life for herself. It was there she met Abel, whom she was instantly fascinated with. While it had been her intention to leave the village the next morning, Valentina could not help but find herself wondering what the village was all about. Time passed, feelings grew and changed, and Valentina slowly began to consider Alabaster her new home. It was so different than her home in Venice, which she missed at times, but in such a good way.

Languages Spoken: Italian, English, Latin, French, Spanish, as well as some German and Sweedish.

Religion: Raised Roman Catholic, but has lately begun to doubt her beliefs.

Theme Song: Believing in Vampires - Hierosonic

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