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Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Empty Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]

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Originally Played By: Jake - Shadowvax

Character committed suicide shortly after the separation between he and Valentina.

[Was IC from: August 2011 - January 2012]

''Time moves forward as does everything, but sometimes, just sometimes it seems to stop...
Before that night, Alabaster had been monochromatic, a place full of history but we had come to a blank page.
There were only the three of us left - but against what? A few lone humans who suspected we were just like them.
Years went by and we dispersed, went our separate ways. Occasionally, our paths crossed in this still desolate village, but those run-ins were never pleasant. I found myself back in that village one night, after I had finished a deed, and got rid of someone, someone I didn’t want to run into again. Three were now Two and the first page of our book had been written on... In blood.

So there I was sat in the tavern, silent except for the rain against the window panes. I was tired that night - Tired of coming “home” to that silence. Little did I know that is was soon to be interrupted; the door flew open and in my mind, time suddenly seemed to reach me. It stopped dead in it's tracks, and as the person who came through the door said hello to me, Alabaster found sympathy. The forests awoke and the streets grew teeming with color and life once more. But alas we have come to the last page... I wonder what they will write about us.'' - A L Black

~IC Information ~
~Vital Statistics ~

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Abel_b12

Full name:
Born as - Abel Laurence Black

Lord Abel.L.Black

A breath
Analogy: Lucian, his older half-brother's name meaning was 'bringer of light', although Lord Laurence favoured Lucian, he may have hoped that Abel would one day become greater than Lucian.
'A breath to blow out the light'. Abel took this literally and did 'Blow him out' so to speak.


Blood Feeding Vampire; Born or a noble pure-blood family.

Date of Birth & Age:
413 year old. Born - September 26th, of the year 1594

Alabaster - The Black Family Manor

Current Residence:
Black Manor, Village Center, Alabaster

Lives With:
His family - Wife: Valentina. Children: Cassius, Ariane & Mira

Due to the fact Abel inherited a vast amount of Money, Land and responsibility from his Father- the late Lord Laurence Black, there has been little need for a 'job'.
Though that doesn't mean to say he doesn't have enough of once looking after Alabaster ;He spends most of his time writing letters and checks and generally making sure that any village developments run smoothly. Abel also has to run everything past the Elders of his Coven as they own most of the land on which Alabaster is built.

Brought up in a Christian household, though he does not practise his religion.
In times of need has been known to take a trip to the church to pray.


~ Physical Appearance ~

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Abel_213

Height & Body Type:
Abel stands at 5ft 11in's - Though Abel is of average height, he thinks himself to be rather short.
Abel is also of average build weighing in at 153Ibs. However he has little care for his physical shape.

Hair Color & Style:
A rich Dark Brown/Black. As for style; his hair is rather long, reaching to his shoulders, though he is never seen with it hanging loosely by his face - instead he slicks and ties it back so as it is not a irritation.
Though often when Abel has been doing a large amount of athletic activity - it being running or hunting, a stray strand of his 'fringe' tends to fall from its place onto his face.

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Abels_11

Abel usually conceals his eyes, though they are easily his most striking feature. When revealed the color of his iris at least might take one by surprise; a vivid yet dark shade of spring green. However when he is 'thirsty' be alter to a darker shade - the shades so dark that his iris appears to blend with his pupil. This being a trait of the Black Family [Lord Laurence], shared by both his half siblings and children.
When he was young his half-sister Vesper told him you could read his emotion through them. His eyes are nothing extraordinary ,but the fact they are mirrors of his emotion does sometimes come in handy.

Skin Tone:
Surprisingly tanned for a Vampire this also being a trait of the Blacks.
Many people at first glance assume he is merely a human, this sometimes plays to his advantage.
It often surprises people when he reveals his true nature; although their are those few with a sense of smell as keen as his own that has the 'nack' of uncovering his race.

Type of Dresser:
Practical though usually smart- Loose fitting pants, and dress shirts, and his favourite tailored jacket.
Abel may be very casual in his natured but he takes pride in his dress; and though he may not like his lordly title he certainly dresses like one.

Abel has a long thick scar on the back of right hand from an injury he accidentally sustained during a fight. As he often says about the mater he did not walk away empty handed.
He also has many new scars over his torso that he received whilst being held by the late Elders of his coven.

~ Personality & Such ~

Overall Personality:
Abel is unfortunately quick to judge people and this is usually for the worst. He generally has a dislike for many and tries to keep himself to himself. To those he doesn't acquaint himself with; he is a man of very few words.
He keeps his past and emotions to himself, your lucky and must have a certain something about you if he tells you.
Abel does not like to smile, though as of late and now he knows more people with Alabaster he will flash the odd friendly grin.

Abel is indeed a very private person and for this reason he constantly hides his eyes away behind thick tinted glasses. His sister Vesper told him as a child she could always read his emotions by his eyes; this though being very attractive to females is a great inconvenience to him in everyday life. He will only reveal these to those he holds dear to him, unless he feels that his anger ought to be shown he will remove them when being disciplinary or affectionate.

He is passive to most troubles of others; as he feels he doesn't need to be involved. However his own worries easily get on top of him.He can sometimes be short tempered, and will be violent if he is pushed to far.

Some men have found him threatening due to his masculinity and impatience’s with small talk. He's quick to be sarcastic and point out the obvious although his scarky nature can be very charming and attractive to the ladies.
However he can be ignorant and rude, sometimes disrespectful to women and other species- [Like his Father].

Mental State:
Sufferer of DID - Dis-associative Identity Disorder
Although Abel likes to appear level headed he is in fact mentally unstable as many of his male predecessors'. As symptoms of his condition Abel can often become confused and loose all train of thought when a 'bout' occurs. Blackouts and topical amnesia can also occur as a result.
DID means that Abel for no apparent reason or when he his episodes are triggered, usually by stress - can 'Change'. Meaning: His personality can alter, as subconsciously an alternate personality has formed, this can extend to as many as 8 different and unique persona's inside one mind. Some can go as far as to familiarise themselves with the person's body and even name themselves. As for Abel his alternate personality has not been named nor does it know about Abel. Although it is possible for one personality to know about the other/s, they do refer to themselves as trapped people and fight for dominance of the mind. This results on one or the other 'Coming out'.

Abel fears his confusion and disorientation that comes with the splitting of his mind - he finds his behaviour out of his control; and feels as if he has some kind of outer body experience.
His DID means that his control over his thirst is somewhat untrustworthy as he sometimes has a tendency to suddenly feel the urge to feed. Also Abel struggles with the emotion of hatred, and it extends to a hatred of himself as he see's himself as a mirror image of all the males in his family.

His condition aside: For a long time the trauma of the 'kidnapping' left him mentally uneasy, meaning he could snap at any moment. Though Abel has moved on and accepted that that was an experience that could make him stronger as a person and that it shouldn't bruise his nature.

Best Personality Trait:
When Abel choose's to befriend someone he is a pretty good friend- if only he got the time to follow through. Protective -

Worst Personality Trait:
Due to the fact Abel conceals his eyes he often displays his emption in a stand-offish way which most people wouldn't normally expect. Long windedness - As he studied English in great depth he has in turn become very verbose and it often takes him a while to get to the point.

Abel views himself as the owner of a grand estate, with a huge responsibility; although prefers not to be called by his Title. Confident alpha male around women, and uses it to his advantage when hunting. Although deep down his mental state leaves him unsure of himself.
Since his capture he has not been as confident as usual- he has been standoffish with Valentina, and quick to walk away from conflict; he is gradually becoming his old self again.

Disabilities & Weakness:
Abel see's these are both the same.
When Abel was younger he got into a fight in a bar over the fact that someone had called the barmaid a whore; Abel had in fact slept with the women and knew that she was in fact not so - him being her first. To her defence Abel found himself in a brawl with the fellow and in turn Abel's hand was pinning to the bar with a knife. Needless to say it appeared that Abel had lost - though in fact the perpetrator had just signed his own death certificate -so to speak -.
Abel removed the knife from his palm and thrust it into the males neck as he had his back turned so as to gloat to the crowd that had gathered - thus severing the man's spinal chord he was dead in a second.
As en end to the tale Abel won the affection of the barmaid and gained himself a few free rounds. Though with this a great injury at the time he thought little of it but it healed to be a hindrance to his piano playing and from that day he never played the same since. The injury means that his hand is less dexterous and he thus lost his skill in the wielding of me-lee weapons.

Abel fears loosing his family due to his own neglect.

As a young boy Abel learnt to play the piano as a pastime though developed a passion for music. He had a somewhat natural skill on music and thrived as he furthered himself.
Some would say Abel also as a talent for subduing his female pray - though it is a matter of opinion and he does not claim it as a talent more of a necessity.

Likes & Dislikes:
Whiskey, playing piano, reading, cigarettes, female blood, Convocation./ Obnoxious people - males especially. Rain & Snow.

Popular or Loner:
Family Man & Workaholic. Abel being fairly confident in his outward appearance mingles well with both males and females though for different reasons. Though he feels more 'at home' with higher class folk.

Love & Relationships:
For many years in his youth Abel leapt from bed to bed from women to women tasting the many females of the the earth: though he has settled down and become a family man. He has little recollection of name or face of any of the women previously in his life.
Abel has not been single for about 16 years, he is in fact married to Lady Valentina Rossetta. Though this was done in secret and few if any know about it. They has only been together as a couple for a matter of months before Valentina fell pregnant. She later bore him twins - Cassius Eli Rossetta- Black & Ariane Elizabeth Rossetta-Black.

There has been a lot of stress and strain put on their relationship over the years, Illness and separation being just a few.
The period of healing after Abel's capture was one of the hardest times as he was not able to invested much time in his family.
Though Valentina and Abel grew closer for a while, after he had elected new elders and they decided to extend their family and bore another daughter - Mira Evelynn Rossetta Black. This mended the family unit and united them again for a short while. The elders needed Abel to be committed to his work and so as of late he has been more or less married to his desk - spending most of his time there working.

Usually Equipped With:
He has a boot knife on his person at all times, although he rarely uses it. Other than that he uses his fangs and bodily strength. Carries cigarettes – Inner jacket pocket. Recently he has begun to roll them as he finds it settles his nerves.

~ Background & Family ~

The Black Family Tree

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Lord_l10
A sketch, the Only remnants, of Lord Laurence's Portrait

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Lord_l11
Lord Laurence's Second Bride- Lucia Vetia- Abel's Mother, and himself
This is a sketch of the family portrait painter, sketched before Abel was conceived. The painting was never completed as her pregnancy interfered with completion. Lucia died soon after childbirth as she was very ill. The only lasting depiction of her.


Lord Laurence Black

Father's role in upbringing:
Abel has many vivid memories of his father, many of them of times when his father would punish him for things he can not recollect.
A image of his father sticks in his mind : Lord Laurence stood at the top of the stairs to the Manor Office, facing away from his desk, looking over the lounge where Able would study as a young boy.

Lady Lucia Vetia

Mother's Role in upbringing:
Lucia died during childbirth and Abel has no memory of her what so ever only picture that were hung around the manor informed him he even had a mother for she was never spoke of.

An older Half- Brother:
Lord Lucian Justice Black.

A younger Half-Sister:
Lady Vesper Black.(Noir)
A Sister and a close friend. Though we have had our differences she remains to be by my side in my hour of need.

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Vesper11

Lady Valetina Rossetta
My dearest Wife, a Venician beauty. I am indeed the luckiest man in the world though that may be cliché. Valentina really did turn my world upside down and then rearranged it.

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Valent11

Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black
My Son and Heir, may he one day come home. A strong boy I am sure, though I have seen little of him.

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Cassiu11

Ariane Elizabeth Rossetta-Black
My Eldest Daughter may her talents bloom. A Lady in the Making although it is to be a hard and bumpy road. Ari will one day make me proud

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Ariane13

Mira Evelynn Rossetta-Black
The Sweetheart of my like, my little Mira, stood outside of the cafe. She is growing so fast, it seems only days ago she was taking her first feed with me in the wood, but no that was months if not years ago.

Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]  Mira11

Family Finances:
The Black Family are one of the few remaining Vamperic Nobel families. Their funds are vast and not locked up in land and property as most nobles in 'Old Money'

Abel has a degree in English.

Ethnic Heritage:
British / Italian / Arabian


~ History ~
Early Life & Childhood: i
Born Abel Laurence Black to Nobel parents - Laurence Mortalitas and Lucia Vetia, In 1596. Abel being the second son of his Father was a disappointment from birth. Laurence was satisfied with one son and yearned for a Daughter to one day bear a child, of Abel’s older Half- brother Lucian, to continue the bloodline.
Lucia was Lord Laurence’s Second wife and died during childbirth, this was expected as she was a sickly woman and was only chosen by Lord Black for her looks. As a child Abel did not know much about his mother and continued from a unhappy beginning to live through an unhappy childhood.
He was set apart from Lucian, as his mother – Neeve, was protective of him. After Vesper’s birth she was taken to Alabaster. The two seemed to get along well she gave Abel a play mate. Lord Black saw an unhealthy bond between the two and sent Vesper back to live in France with Neeve, so that Vesper would not sway for her purpose. Abel assumed Lucian to be the favourite son however life was not so easy for him when he refused to be wed to his Half-sister; Vesper. It was expected that Abel would step up and take Vesper as his wife- although this was not so. Abel saw this as a second hand bargain. Marrying his Half-sister for his Fathers love was dishonourable.

Adolescence: ii
As many of his ancestors before him Abel left Alabaster for most of his adolescent life. He spent it travelling from place to place desperately trying to find himself. With this he became independent and resourceful. Although this growing up period wasn't all hard work... as most of the his male descendants before him he found a lustful streak within him, and as for his ancestors, many women were to fall at the hand of such lust.
There was many a women to keep him company in theses years, though none of them were of any importance to him- many if not all never escaped, they became the fuel that enabled him to find others to quench his never ending thirst, not only for blood but for passion.
Upon looking into the history of his family he found a fault in his Fathers bloodline, one that threatened to take a hold of him. An inherent mental disposition...Abel struggled to come to terms with this; as he feared the worst. He tired to maintain his confidence and independence. (Abel merely sees this part of his life as a growing period that has no significance to him. )

Manhood: iii
Moving onward though life - Abel heard of Lucian's mysterious disappearance from Alabaster, and so he took it upon himself to go and find him. There had always been bad vibes between the two brothers and neither of them saw eye to eye... Lucian had a love to string women along and waist money on countless things... perhaps he was more compassionate. Abel however saw is as a dishonour to the family that adored him so. Abel in comparison would use women to his own ends and then be done with them and dispose of their body's, and having no interest for money at all. Abel may have been brutal but he was set out to teach his brother a lesson.
Later Lucian was found in France- dead, meanwhile Abel had travelled back to Alabaster and heard the news of his success there. Soon after the news; Vesper arrived back in Alabaster, she had changed. No longer the young girl he knew and so their relationship changed. Afraid Vesper would read him,as she did so well in the past. Abel segregated himself from her, and spent the majority of his time away from her, for if she knew that it was he that had murdered her brother see would never forgive him. He loved Vesper and did not want to loose her... though perhaps his avoidance of her would play to the same end.

In Alabaster: iv
Abel had arrived in Alabaster the independent, and cruel man he had made himself. Many thought him disrespectful and ignorant and he revelled in that thought. Although he was safe in the knowledge that Lucian had gone and that his home was his own. He didn't make many friends at first but was eager to draw more people back into Alabaster.
One rainy evening, no different from any before... Someone arrived that would change him and his life forever. This women, was also Vamperic... but different and her scent was so unfamiliar, but he sought to find out who and what she was.
She was Psionic, a different breed from his own, one that had evolved to feed off other sourced of energy. There was no doubt in his mind that there was something about her that he liked- As she was so different than the women he had had before - though he couldn't put his finger on it. Could it have been her hair, her full and vivid red lips, her strange violet eyes, or simply her smell...He was drawn to her never the less and soon he had made a friend.
Though this wasn't to last, Abel's head had began to ache, daily it became worse, and now his fear was upon him. Valentina, stood by him through this and it had seemed that his pain had brought them even closer together.
The Autumn Ball was perhaps there first of many appearances as a couple.
Though with this came trouble, many men of the village had been making passes at Valentina as well as one strange female... never the less Abel tired not to let it get to him... Though this was not to last- there was a storm coming and before long Valentina fell pregnant. Now Abel had more to worry about and soon learnt that this is what it meant to be a man- Responsibly, finance, and family.

Family: v
As Valentina's pregnancy wore on, the men stayed away.
Months had gone by and all that was on Abel's mind was his new family. Though he knew that Valentina was sure to attract other men he had put it out of his mind for now.
The time had come, one rainy night in September Valentina came into labour, a few tiresome hours later she bore twins, a Male - Cassuis and a female - Ariane.
It was evident from only a few days old the twins had their differences... Cassius was like his father - a blood feeder and Ariane like her mother - a psionic. They were a joy to Abel, though he wasn't sure how to be a father, one that he has wished for, one that he didn't have. His own father figure was a cold and cruel man, where as Abel felt so much love but found it so hard to externalise.

Those few years seemed to roll by so swiftly -before long his children has grown. Abel spent many an hour teaching Cassius to hunt and the rest spared with his daughter, Ariane, listening to her play the piano, his own childhood favourite.
Abel had become proud father or two children that had become model citizens. Though Cassius had disappeared, on his own Adolescent venture, Abel's own being a distant memory to him, he still had a family.
Though there were hardships along the way, Valentina had become a tempting target for men once again. A certain lycan - Atlas had over stepped the mark and in slaying him, Ariane had been injured. The vemon of the lycan would surely have killed her, though she was saved by an old and wise friend.
Cassius had grown an attitude, one that took a few years of disciplining to shake out of him.
Through the ups and downs life seemed to settle down...

The Final chapter: vi
Although not for long, after all it is Alabaster.
Now that he had children Abel so desperatly wished to marry Valentina. This was not to be... the elders of his coven had grown tied of his never ending letters asking for their approval, and so they sent for him to visit them in person. He accepted in his desperation he was this an a prime opportunity little did he know this was a trap. Once there they held their own lord captive for a month, he was starved till he was crazed and beaten till his body was broken- to teach him a lesson.
Abel fought a long battle for a further two months to heal himself, at last he escaped and sought vengeance. This came to him soon enough though he had now made more work for himself. His absence from his family had put much strain on their bonds and Abel not only had work piled on him his office, but a large amount of family time to make up for.

Abel had been hard at work, electing new elders - members of the vamperic community with influence over things such as land and people. Being busy with this most of the time is making it hard for him to spend time with Valentina and Ariane... and as always things have ended badly. Abel's absense has a father has meant that his daughter has grown up without his knowing. Indeed she has grown to be something he did not intend or expect.
Causing many troubles with men, Abel and Valentina have seen it fit to send her from Alabaster the source of her doings. Ariane has been recently been sent away to a girls boarding school in Venice where she shall hopefully learn how to be a respectable lady.

It is indeed Abel's finally chapter and it ends as he has taken to dormancy.
The long sleep shall hopefully not be disturbed and he shall wake to a new world and a new alabaster refreshed and ready for a new start.

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