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~The Legend of the Blacks~ Empty ~The Legend of the Blacks~

Post  Jessyka on Sun May 13, 2012 7:04 pm

It has been a long time since the city saw its glory...

Shrouded by one of the very, remaining forests in England and nestled between hills lays the village of Alabaster, the mythical capitol of the world.

The village was first founded in the mid-1200s by a group of mortals, who realized how rich the land was in iron and fertile soil. What was not deeply forested was turned into a small village. An entire century passed before the village would see any real activity, when a coven of sanguine vampires decided to make the land their home. They were known as the Blacks: lead by a man known as Lord Laurence Black, they were ruthless, unstoppable, and known well by almost every other mythical being in the world. Their weakness was within their thirst for power, which resulted in their raiding of the village. Every mortal being in the village was destroyed and a grand manor was erected in place of the homes of the dead.

Time passed the Lord of the coven eventually produced three children to carry out his bloodline: Lucian, Abel, and Vesper. The three were all half-siblings and the only to survive long enough to see her child mature was Lucian's mother; the mothers of Abel and Vesper were mysteriously killed. As time wore on, it was decided that Vesper was to be Lucian's mate, in order to keep the bloodline pure. Life for the siblings was not easy, as Laurence was a demanding father who was not afraid to lay a hand on his offspring if it meant keeping them in line. Eventually, Laurence receded into dormancy, leaving Lucian in charge of the village (Vesper had been sent to France and did not return, as Lucian had no desire to marry her), while Abel looked on from afar.

Those sanguines who were in Alabaster at the time eventually left the village and eventually, only Lucian remained, as his half-brother had left him too. For nearly a decade, the village remained barren and empty of any life...

Until the light that was Lucian was literally snuffed out by a vengeful Abel. By default, Abel inherited the title of Lord, as well as the land of Alabaster. One night, the gates swung open and the mythicals from all corners of the world seemed to come pouring in, all lead by a particular violet-eyed psionic, who Abel soon found himself infatuated with. This woman was the head of the psionic coven of equal power to the Blacks, the Venetian Rossetta Coven. It seemed the woman, Valentina, changed Abel's cruelty in a strange way, which brought the glory of Alabaster back into existence...

The two were eventually married and had three children together: Ariane, Cassius, and Mira. Though their relationship was not to last: Abel was, and always had been, very mentally ill, while Valentina had a physical sickness of her own. Abel was eventually, and rather suspiciously, found dead shortly after the two's separation. Cassius, the only son of the bunch, was left as the heir to the Black Coven, but had long since left Alabaster to venture around the world on his own accord. The town went from Black territory to Rossetta territory over night and remained prosperous under the rule of the new coven...

But the rest of the family seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. It is said that there are many dark, dangerous secrets that the family still holds. And those who are of Rossetta or of Black descent... They seem to know how to keep their mouths shut.

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