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Post  Jessyka on Sun May 13, 2012 7:14 pm

Shrouded by one of the very few remaining forests in England and nestled between hills lays the village of Alabaster, the mythical capitol of the world.

The village was first founded in the mid-1200s by a group of mortals, who realized how rich the land was in iron and fertile soil. What was not deeply forested was turned into a small village. An entire century passed before the village would see any real activity, when a coven of sanguine vampires decided to make the land their home. They were known as the Blacks: lead by a man known as Lord Laurence Black, they were ruthless, unstoppable, and known well by almost every other mythical being in the world. Their weakness was within their thirst for power, which resulted in their raiding of the village. Every mortal being in the village was destroyed and a grand manor was erected in place of the homes of the dead.

As time wore on, the village was handed down to the eldest son of Laurence, Lucian, upon his death, and then to the second eldest son, Abel, when Lucian was mysteriously murdered. The village remained relatively empty under Abel's ownership of it until the arrival of one of the members of the Rossetta coven, the cursed Valentina. The covens became automatically allied upon the marriage of Abel and Valentina, which resulted in three children of a completely new bloodline. While the village flourished, the family in charge seemed to take hit after hit as their bad luck never seemed to end. One by one the members of the Black family seemed to disappear after the death of Abel Black. The coven was turned over to Rossetta power shortly after and Valentina did her best to keep it running smoothly, even when there was nothing she could do to stop it from running right into the ground.

Eventually, the village was left without a leader and grew barren once more...

Until now.

Now, the village seems to be gaining more and more popularity among mythicals who seek the home of many of their ancestors. And with the arrival of one familiar face and one familiar blood-line, it seems that the village may be returning to its former glory.

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