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The Old Council Empty The Old Council

Post  Jessyka on Mon May 14, 2012 8:10 pm

Alabaster was once run by a council of mythical beings... Whether it will be restored upon the city's revival is a mystery. The old council is as follows:

~Head: Lord Abel Black - Succeeded by Lady Valentina Rossetta
~Neko: Miss Miya Loveliam
~Kitsune: Miss Chiffon Arizone
~Werebeings: M. Jordan
~Addonexus: K. Grav
~Demonics: Abbadon S. Diez
~Mer-Beings: Mrs. Esmeralda Cussack-Bellator
~Faeries: Miss Ava
~Vampirics: Lady Vesper Black, along with Lady Valentina Rossetta
~Hell-Hounds: Alexander Cain

...The whereabouts of many members of the old council are unknown and the majority of them are thought to be dead.

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