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---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: Rudedog04
Real life name: Sage

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Idris Bellator

Age: 25

Birthplace: A small Village in Italy. Unsure where exactly.

Current Residence: Alabaster

Species: Warlock (White)

Nickname: Idris.

Sex: Male.

Birthday: Sept. 17th.

Physical Appearance:
;- Idris Bellator -; Anime_boy1

Height & Body Type: 5'11, slinder.

Eyes: They are a very light sky blue.

Skin Tone: White.

Scars: Multiple that lay all over his body. (see history)

Hair Color & Style: Grey, straight short.

Other: He has a tattoo on both of his palms of a red Phoenix taking flight spreading fire all around his hand.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: Mental Issues such as paranoia, anxiety, sevear distrust in most people.

Talents: Healing Magics, hand to hand combat.

Self-Image: As only what his past has left him with. (see history).

Weakness: His entier past save for the latest. (see history).

Special Abilities/Powers: Extreme Healing Magics, Basic sheilds, and attack magics. His rage. When he becomes angry beyond control, he goes into a rage like form. His eyes turn red and he pretty much has the powers of a Dark Warlock, though hes not full dark Warlock.

Temperament/Overall Personality: Very quiet, very seclusive, and very shy. He won't look anyone in the face or eyes, and if he thinks hes upset you in some way he'll never forgive himself for it.

Fears: Weapons, whips, angry people.

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Love is love, it cannot be stopped.

General Likes: The quiet, easy going areas. Meadows, serenity area's so on.

General Dislikes: Loud noices/areas, destruction, angry people.

Equipped: Whats on his body, (clothing wise), a small dagger hidden amungst the cloaking though he rarely uses it. A few things for healing postions, or cleaning out wounds. Etc...


Mother: Elizabeth Bellator

Father: Gregor Bellator

Family Finances: Poor. (see bio)

Birth Order & Siblings: Ajax elder brother. Idris second child. Sarah last child.

Ethnic Heritage: Italian.

Accent: Some what Italian, though its slowly easing away into the normal around here.

The Birth: When Idris was born, he was a very sickly child. He didn't have a very high chance to live, and in the state of life he was born into no one but his family and the other Whites' cared about him. He was a silent babe, and didn't whine unless he was hungry or in pain.
Idris was soon thrown into the life which his parents wished against him having. Being a slave to the Dark Warlocks of the Bellator. More so the "Royals" so would you say if looked at it in a certain way. He was thrown into the mine caves and forced to mine the ores which the Darks' wanted so deeply. Their gold, silver, and other precious metals and jewels which brought them plenty of riches and plentifulness. When Idris was 8 years old he received his first set of scars upon his back. He had seen one of the Dark's little girl drop her ball, and he had found it in the shrubbery, and was handing it back to her. Though the others didn't see it that way, they saw it the way that he was stealing the ball form her. He was lashed 24 times leaving 24 different wounds and scars. He never spoke to another Dark again after that day.
The Death:
Idris was just coming back from the mines with his father, when he saw the Dark's army general outside of their hut. When they tried to go in, they would not allow them and finally a few moments latter saw that Sarah, and Ajax, both of his siblings were being drug out of their house. When Gregor, his father, went to try and stop them, he was cut down with a single swipe to the throat decapitating him before his children's very eyes. That was about the time his mother came into the picture, but was dragged away by guards to the palace. The General declaired that Ajax as a conpiretor against the Darks, and the kings life. They killed him in the fashion they did to traitors or those who did a crime against the Royals. They cut open Ajax's stomach and strung him to a hoarse by his intrails, and drug him down the road. Killing him finally before Idris and Sarah. They two the only left, they deflowered Sarah infront of everyone, and killed her by slitting her throat. Idirs watched as his family was massacured, murdered in cold blood against a false alligation. Idirs lost control the first time that night. Turning into a monster which killed anything and everyone in his path until he got to the Genereal. He cut everyone down, save the General for Idirs fled away, fearful for what might come when he snaps out of this trance.
Idris now lives in Alabaster, trying to forget his past, trying to make a new one. He did for a small while, have a wife here, two daughters, a house, a happy life. Though they all three passed away, and Idris again could do nothing. He does what he can to get by, eating, sleeping where ever he can. He trys to befriend those he thinks will allow him too, but has unfortunatly gone back to his seclusive ways.

Languages Spoken: English, slavic (see history)

Religion: None.

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