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What They are:
Cretures that are able to use bio kinesis to grow their bones past their joints to wield them .

Typical Appearances:
They look like human until they use their power to extend their bones from their joints.

Addonexus is a creature of lore that is originally human at birth.
They have a substance that is infused with their blood that holds magical properties. Sometimes this substance is awoken, but other times it lies dormant the entire life of the addonexus.
What awakens their powers is a mystery.

Addonexus' also have the ability to use the blood substance to control their bones and use them as weapons. – Bio kinesis. - Being able to have their bones penetrate their skin at various locations including the elbow, hand, base of neck, back, forearm, knee, and calf.

Addonexus bones are able to break whilst being out of the flesh.
Some may never find their powers

Age like humans, same life cycle.
Most people who become Addonexus' do not find out and do not experience any unusual physical aspects until they reach the age of about 12 or 13. At that age they begin to feel their bones move under their body, begin to see spiritual auras, etc.

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