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What They are:
Creatures created by the devil to serve a purpose of corruption.

Demons are either born or created.

Those who are created by one of the 7 Princes of Hell to serve a specific purpose under which of the 7 capital sins they stand for.
Lucifer - Pride
Satan - Wrath
Ba'al/Beelzebub - Gluttony
Mammon - Greed
Asmodeus - Lust (Under which succubi and incubi are made)
Leviathan - Envy
Belphegor - Sloth

Typically born by succubi or by any other female demon. They typically do not know their fathers or remain family units for very long, as family isn't regarded as important in Hell. They are raised by their mother until they are old enough to care for themselves, then are left to their own devices.

Typical Appearances:
Demons can take on two forms; a human form and their true form.
In their human forms, they look exactly like humans, but their facial features are similar to that of their demonic form.
In their true form, they become much taller (usually around 8ft tall) and can be quite frightening as some have extra limbs, scales, horns, and even leathery wings.

Before humans were created, there were several highly ranked angels that had the most control over heaven. Amongst these was Lucifer, who was considered to be the favourite angel in the group. He was very powerful, though he was corrupt within.
This corruption was shown briefly after the creation of humanity, when something within him changed. It is not known for sure what gave him a hatred to humans-- jealousy, perhaps, is the most common theory-- but he did hate them from the moment they were made.
A persuasive angel, he was able to turn many other angels to his thinking, which lead to the downfall of humanity (the tempting of Eve by the serpent in Eden), as well as the downfall of many other angels.
Upon losing the war, Lucifer was cast down from heaven and thrown into Hell.
Those he worked closest with and those who were as corrupt as he was, were also cast down into Hell.
Their wings were stripped and they were given new qualities, leading to the creation of demons and Hell itself. However, there were some that were fortunate to be cast down to Earth and banished therefore the rest of their lives. There were known as the fallen angels. Their genetics did not change, but some were stripped of their wings depending on how bad of an offence they made.

Pyrokinesis, Unbrakinsis, Biokinesis, Sensuskinesis, Telepathy, Impeskinesis, Conjuring.
Powerful demon, can expel they own physical form and posses vulnerable humanoids- this makes it easier for them to integrate into human society so as they can wreak havoc
However, if the human tries hard enough, he or she can remove the demon his/herself, but the process is painful if unassisted.
Most dark warlocks or witches are able to remove a demon from a person without any difficulty.

Demons powers are weakened when combated with Angelic power.

Specific Weaknesses:
Holy Water and Salt

Demons are created at a certain point in a life cycle and remain that way, they do not die so-to-speak but return to hell upon defeat. Unless decapitated and burned.

Demons are usually solitary creatures, as they work to corrupt humankind.

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