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What They are:
Men whom have consumed dragons blood or heart to become one with the race and gain power.

Typical Appearances: Human – in no way to they look physically different.

All dragoons were, in fact, once human. [Usually Knights or Dragon hunters]
Only after having slain a dragon and consuming its blood or indeed its heart do you then become a Dragoon. The dragon’s blood is said to have magical properties which after death and consumption pass on these 'powers' to the said consumer.

These powers include the ability to breath and control fire- pyro kinesis; it is even thought that they can sprout wings in order to fly.
Heightened awareness of their surroundings - due to an improvement in the senses of smell, sight and hearing.
As well as becoming more agile, allowing the individual to leap to a great height or distance.

It is said that dragon tears have healing properties meaning that even dragoon tears are sought after – they are a hunted kind. The hunter became the hunted.

Aging: Dragoon age like the creature the dragon meaning that they can become very old up to 500 years in fact.

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