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Elves & Drow

What They are:
The two creatures that are truly at one with the Mother Nature.

Typical Appearances:
The appearances of elves make what they are very obvious.
All elves are tall, willowy, bi-pedal creatures. They have very angular facial features with pointed ears and usually fair coloured complexions.
However, the colour of their hair and eyes is effected by which element they wield.

Like Elves, Drow are very tall and willowy in appearance as well as having pointed ears
What sets them apart from elves most: Drow usually have darker features with skin that takes on a grey to blue-ish tint.
There hair and eyes are usually white, dark/light blue or black.

While there are hundreds of legends based off of where elves originated, it is most commonly thought that elves somehow came from nature itself – it is shrouded in mystery

Elves are naturally gifted archers, on account of their long fingers and narrow hands.
They are very agile, as well, and have an innate power that tunes them into nature.
They are able to communicate with the plants around them in a special way that not even the fae seem to understand.

Surprisingly Elves do not believe in damaging plant- life so they rely on solely meat to nourish them; they have small fanglike canines so as to tear through meat.

Elves stop physically aging at around the ages of 18-30 and the average life-span of an elf is very vast ranging from 700 – 1’000 earth years. Their bodies only physically age every 7 earth years.

Elves tend to live in large woodland clans, building their homes from dead woods, so as not to damage the forest.

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