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Faeries [Water, Asrai, Fire, Forest, Dusk] Empty Faeries [Water, Asrai, Fire, Forest, Dusk]

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What They are:
Fae are nature borns who are (like pixie) guardians of nature.
Small winged creatures who live at peace with Mother Nature.
Faeries originate from the Realm of Fae .
It is unknown how the Realm came into being, but the most commonly accepted story is that a set of set who had kept only the skeletons of their wings opened up a new dimension and upon entering it, mutated into fae, some also split to start the beginnings of the Piksie Realm.
Today Fae are not born like their cousins – Pixie, they are only ever born as 1 child or twins in one pregnancy.

Typical Appearances:
All Fae have different shaped wings; it all depends on which blood-line you come from.
Some are large and ovular looking similar to their pixie relatives, some are more similar to butterflies wings. Some may perhaps have flares to their edges etc. Though they are always transparent.
General physical appearance of a Fae often depends on what kind of Fae they are, their skin and hair is also tinted in colour depending on their caste.
There are three kinds of caste:
Elemental Fae – those who wield a elemental power- most common
Asrai Fae – Rare
Fuin Fae- Otherwise known as Dusk Fae
It must be mentioned that ALL Fae have pointed ears.

Once against a Fae’s power depends on its caste within the Fae society
Caste/Types of Fae
Elemental Fae – These Fae are by far the most common; they do not segregate themselves from each other by element but if cross breeding does occur one element will win over another genetically.
The appearance of these Fae all depends on their gift element; meaning which element they can manipulate. (i.e. Hydrokinesis – water manip, Pyrokinesis – fire manip, aerokinesis – air manip etc)

Water Fae are gifted with Hydro kinesis. Often have blue/silver wings that look slick with water. They usually live near water and spend a lot their time in it, though they cannot breath under water.
Like HydroFae, Areo Fae (Gifted with Areokinesis – Air manip) are generally coloured very similarly and it is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. AreoFae are usually lighter in shade, they are also skilled when it comes to wielding Daggers and the like as they can summon a strong wind and control its speed, propelling an object forward towards their target.

Fire Fae, gifted with Pyro kinesis. Have higher body temperature that most other Fae: Firey red or orange eyes as well as similar tinted wings. Skill PyroFae have been known to light themselves in flame upon combat.

Know as Forest Fae these Fae are either gifted with Botanokinesis (Plant manip) or Geokinesis (Earth Manip). Usually have very bright green skin and maroon to brown toned wings. However some forest Fae are coloured differently – Mimicking more wintery or autumn shades – again it depends o bloodline.

Asrai Fae: RARE
Asrai fae are a denomination of water fae .
Their wings are always transparent, with color only around the edges.
Within their backs are small pockets of air in which their wings can collapse and be stored in until released.
They are smaller than other fae, the tallest of them being only around 3feet (Like pixie).
Skin wise, they usually have very fair complexions – though never coloured.
Their hands are webbed and nails usually longer and claw-like.
They are able to manipulate water, and also have gills within their necks, which allow them to choose between breathing air or water.
Asrai fae are accustomed to living in dark conditions and cannot live very long in the sun; because of this, they have become bio-luminescent.

Dusk (Fuin) Fae: "summoners of the moon".
Usually have black, dark blue, purple, red, or metalic/silver wings.
Are not able to be outside for long periods of time during days when the sunlight is strong, as it weakens their powers and can leave them very ill- usually seen at night or in shaded places
Can manipulate shadows – umbra kinesis and grow stronger as the lunar cycle nears a full moon.

Like their cousins: Pixie, Fae stop aging around 16-18 once they are matured. Fae do not age at all after that though die much younger than pixie at around 250 -300 years old.

Fae seem to live within their casts. Forming large family like communities.

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