Kin (Demonic Hybrids)

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Kin (Demonic Hybrids) Empty Kin (Demonic Hybrids)

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What They are:
Kin are a cross breed species – when a demon has bred with another race.

Typical Appearances:
A Kin’s appearance entirely depends on their parents genetics and species
If a Kin is born half demon half neko there is a 1 in 3 chance they will have a tail and ears like one of their parents.

Certain demons are able to mate with other species – Kin were not classed as a species for a long time, though in modern times they have been accepted as they are so many of them, that there had to be a place for them in society

A Kin’s powers depends on its parents
1 in 5 kin will have demonic powers.

Kin can breed with any other species they are able, and will pass on part of their demonic gene.

Specific Weaknesses:
Kin have affliction to salt – something passed on by their demonic acecestors.

Kin’s aging depends on the species of their like many of their attributes.

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