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What They are:
Creatures whom live in the sea or fresh water for most of their lives.
They are able to breathe under the water and instead of legs they have a large fish tail – AKA fish people.
They can walk about on land for short periods of time and their tail parts to form legs.

Typical Appearances:
Merpeople look human by all accounts above the waist – when in water, they have a tail – the characteristics of their tails depend on their bloodline or race within the species; meaning that that one mere-race may take their marine features from a fish such as the angel fish, or another extreme a shark. Merfolk often have gills along the sides of their neck and webbed fingers. The amount of fins and the like all depends on race once more.
(Note, when making a mere character do not feel pressured to name the fish your character takes after. Naming the colour of their tail is acceptable)
When out of water their tail splits to form legs, though their gills remain, the webbing on their fingers retracts. Many still have scale like shapes on their skin even in human form however.

Communication with marine life and Hydrokinesis.
Speaking mermish

A merman/maid cannot remain out of water for too long as they will dry out and possibly die.

Merpeople age very much like humans, though when they mate there is no physical contact much like fish. Thus they are only able to mate with their own race.
merbabies hatch from eggs that have been laid and protected in a nest for around 3 weeks (Submerged in water). When they are first born they cannot leave the water for another 3 months. Merchildren must at some point leave the water to learn how to use their legs like human children.

In merculture it is a tradition that once a merechild comes of age, which is usually around 16-17, they must leave the water for a period of time, giving them a chance to choose a water or land bound life.
Those whom choose water bound; live in the water with their shoal for the majority of their lives where as those who choose a land bound life, may live as a human for the majority of their lives, only entering the water to keep in good health.

Mere-folk often live in large shoals.

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