Nephilim [Angelic-Human Hybrids]

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Nephilim [Angelic-Human Hybrids] Empty Nephilim [Angelic-Human Hybrids]

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What They are:
Offspring of Humans and Angel.

Typical Appearances:
Nephilim appear human for most of their lives. Until they turn 18, they exhibit no signs of being anything but human.
Once they come of age however, the wings that have been growing within them for all of their lives are mature enough to be released. Their wings are smaller than angels and often appear tattered. They are most commonly grey or white.

Once they turn 18, they are able to use their powers.
They are telepathic and telekinetic, but cannot use heavenly fire.
They have the ability to learn every language, but are not born knowing them.
- However, they are able to read and write Enochian, but cannot speak it.

Hunted: Nephilim are viewed as a disgrace and a complete mistake to every normal angel, making them a prime subject for hunting. There are entire choirs of angels dedicated to the extermination of nephilim.

Nephilim children never meet their angelic parent – as they are forbidden from contact.

Aging & Maturing:
Just like orinias, the period before nephilim discover their powers is called dormancy.
Until they reach the age of 16, nephilim appear and feel like normal humans. Those who are not told what they are often do not know that they ARE nephilim until this time.
They do not stop physically aging, but their aging does slow down by the time they are 18, when they begin to age physically 1 year for every 10 years that pass.

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