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What They are:
Orcs are descent from elves that are reborn of the earth through necromancy.

Typical Appearances:
While orcs are humanoids, they are much different looking than regular humans.
They are bi-pedal fanged beings, most of which are rather short in stature.
They have longer arms, which are very broad.
Some luckier orcs are taller, but all have that gangly appearance about them.

Once elves though their ‘souls’ passed on leaving their form behind; their bodies where reborn through the earth through necromancy.

Language: While Orcs do not have a specific language unique to their species, many are able to speak a different dialect of elvish.
However, this dialect is not all that different from the elvish that is traditionally spoken, though some would say Orc say the phonetics differently and use alternate slang rather than the actually word when conversing, the word order is sometimes altered too. It is more a style of Elvish than a completely different language.

As Orcs are descent from elves, they share similar powers with them.
They are able to control the element of Earth – Terra Kinesis.
They also have enhanced strength, but a decreased speed.

Orc’s while able to form their own personality there are remnants of the elf they once were in their mind.

Orcs do not age as they were not born naturally. Though they can die from health issues.

Orcs have been known to group together as they are social creatures.


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