Orinia [Demonic-Angel Hybrids]

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Orinia [Demonic-Angel Hybrids] Empty Orinia [Demonic-Angel Hybrids]

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What They are:
Offspring of an Angle and Demon – crossbreed.

Typical Appearance:
Because of the extreme differences in the ways angels and demons look, orinias can have a variety of different appearances.
Some have more angelic appearances (feathery, light colored wings, brighter auras, fair complexions), while others look like demons (leathery dark colored wings, dark auras), and other still can be a split between the two.
It all depends on which genes are more dominant for that orinia.

Very limited in the way of power. Pyro kinesis - They are a split between two beings who use either hell fire or heavenly fire, Orinias are able to use both.
Hell fire is more destructive and powerful than heavenly fire, which is more easily manipulated.
Like angels and demons, they can speak all languages, but their minds cannot process Enochian (angelic language) or demonic (demon language) as the two cancel each other out.

Out Casts – they do not have place it either heaven or hell. A disgrace among both devine beings.

Orinia are the offspring of two beings which do not age past a certain point, orinias usually stop physically aging between the ages of 16-35 (Most around 20).
However, they do not come into the full capacity of their powers until two years after they've stopped physically aging.
The time before they can fully use their powers is called "dormancy", and during that time, the orinia may appear to be almost completely human.

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