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What They are:
Pixie hail from the realm of Piksie, the relm is located close to the Relm of Fae which could explain why Pixie and Fae look so similar.
It is thought that the Relm of Piksie was created by a group of young angelic's, who stumbled into a portal that lead them to another realm much like earth, though smaller in size. Piskie has remained an Eden as Pixie; like their Fae relatives are guardians of nature and are still in touch with Mother Nature.

Typical Appearances:
Pixie appearance is very general as they are not split into castes like their Fae relatives.
Pixie Form:
Pixie all have long vibrant shaded wings,(Sometimes the shade is unrelated to their gift element)
Are usually depicted with pointed ears.
They are usually about 3ft tall and are known to have unusual hair colours, though their skin is generally the natural humanoid pigment unlike Fae.

When in flight, their wings shimmer their shade of colour; meaning that the term Pixie dust comes from the glow they emit when flying.
Their wings are often thought of as similar to a dragonflies due to their shape – 4 large ovular wings, however they are more similar to a butterflies when it comes to their colouration: they are always symmetrically coloured, though more transparent that a butterflies wing. Compared to their Fae cousins pixie wings are rather uniform, rarely being an unusual shape.

Human Form:
Pixie have become a custom to human form as it is easier to interact with most other species this way. They look rather ordinary other than the fact they may have brightly coloured hair and an odd fashion sense.

Pixie began as angelics whom evolved so that their wings were more insect like than bird like.
Now days as pixie are mammals and what is known as a placental species they give birth to litters: meaning pixie mothers never give birth to less than 2 babies in one pregnancy.
Of course they are still said to have twins or triplets, but pixie would think it odd if they were to have less than quadruplets. For their pregnancy pixie must remain in pixie form, and their offspring are born as very small, wingless babies.
Birth and reproduction plays a very important part in a pixies life as most are very maternal, even males.
Pixie children grow wings within the first few weeks after birth and learn to use them as well as walking. As pixie began to come to earth they also had to learn how to grow to human size.

All pixie wield one Element – this depends on bloodline, though his is very varied.

It is well known that all Pixie use biokinesis; meaning they can control aspects of their physical form. In context of how pixie use it, they can shrink to their pixie size (usually between 2 and 3 feet,) or to a human size (usually around 5 to 6 feet depending on sex.)
Pixie do have the ability to shrink even smaller or in some cases larger.

All pixie are telepathic with each other and some can even read the thoughts of others and in turn share there's through also understanding the basics of mind control – sensuskinesis – they can persuade people – giving them their trickster reputation.

Pixie also have something which is ironically called 'Pixie Vision'
The ability to bestow pixie vision means that they can allow someone to see through the 'glamour' that hides the Piskie Realm. Thus being able to see the Realm, Pixie biokinesis also allows them to let people enter Piskie, as they can shrink them to Pixie size.

A more unexplained power of the pixie is that they seem to bring people luck; though with in magic this is easily explained. Pixie can be 'lucky' as they are able to cast charms.
Another ‘magical power’ pixie have is the use of photo kinesis – light manipulation – they can use it so as they are invisible.
Mortals such as Gypsy's and Witch Doctors have sought pixies for centuries.

Pixie cannot enter the pixie realm unless they are shrunk to their pixie size.
their realm is also not accessible from Azura, they must journey back to earth to get there, as there portal lays there.

Pixie’s aging significantly slows when they are fully matured,(16-18) so as they can live for up to 1,000 years.

Pixie often live is small groups, with family and close friends. They are very social creatures, but do not get along well with their fae cousins.

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