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Siren (Modified for the Rp)

What They are:
Two varying types Magic users. Destructive and preservative.

Typical Appearance:
While sirens are human-like in appearance, there are certain physical traits they hold which can distinguish them from regular humans. When using their powers, their eyes appear to glow and their skin seems to radiate a warm energy around them.
Though appearance does not vary between the two types, setting them apart – they can both have a very varied appearance.

White Siren: These Sirens exist for the sole purpose of not only healing, but protecting all forms of life.
The White Sirens abilities are a still a great mystery. What is known is that the White Sirens possess the amazing ability to mend wounds of any kind no matter how severe using nothing more than the power of their song – Audio kinesis.
They can provoke courage and strength in others during times of strife.

White Sirens can also create an oasis in lands that have not seen life for generations.
It is even said they hold the power to revive those who have recently died depending on how developed the Sirens voice may be.
Photo kinesis – is also a known power of the White Siren

Black Siren: These Sirens live for battle and relish the pain of others.
The Black Sirens can raise vast armies of the un-dead to do their bidding.
They are also able to cause considerable damage to the body and emotions of whoever hears their song. They're capable of draining the land of life as a means of extending their own, an ability the White Sirens do not require as their immortality comes naturally.
The Black Sirens also have the ability to kill someone with their song, much like the White Sirens, it all depends on how developed the Siren is.
Umbra kinesis – is a known power of the Black Siren

One song cancels out the other – meaning they rarely battle.

Siren do not age – they are born at a certain point in a life cycle and remain there – physically unchanging.

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