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Succubae – Female
Incubus– Male

What They are:
Demons : Created to tempt the opposite sex into sexual actions or thoughts so that they can corrupt their victim and feed – from the sexual energy.

Typical Appearances:
It goes without saying that female succubae appear female and the same for the male.
They each have multiple forms; meaning that their powers allow them to take on the form of whatever their victim desires most in the opposite sex or a sexual partner.

However when they are not wishing to feed from you, they merely appear in their demon form:
Female Demonic form:
Usually slender having a very feminine build. However they have hooves instead of human feet, often furred below the knee to the hoof. Horns that extend from their foreheads and most have pointed ears. Their skin is usually iridescent with the ability to appear a multitude of colours.

Male Demonic form:
Often larger in form that succubae, incubus are naturally very masculine in build.
Again as in Succubae, they have hoofed feet, with fur from the kneed downward, as well as prominent horns and pointed ears.
There skin also being iridescent though having a slight redish undertone, compared to their female counterparts.

These demons where created by the devil so as he could use them to corrupt mankind.

Impeskinesis – manipulate of souls or energy, in context of sexual demons they consume the sexual energy a person emits when aroused, through physical contact, be is a kiss or an act.
Though sexual demons are ‘born’ as one sex they are in fact bisexual so as not to pass the opportunity of feeding from the same sex as themselves.

Sexual demons have to choose their prey carefully, as some are immune to their illusions.
As there aren’t many humans in Azura these demons often have to choose another race to prey on.

Specific Weaknesses:
a strong weakness to angelic figures – their magiks and illusions do not work for such creatures and other darker creatures are a little more difficult to fool.

Sexual demons are created at a prime age and continue their ‘life’ at that age.
Once demon has finished their work they are called back to hell.

You will never find a Succubae or an Incubus sexually involved with each other.
They are solitary creatures.

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