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Werecreatres/Lycanthropes Empty Werecreatres/Lycanthropes

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‘Werecreatures’ - Lycanthropes

What They are:
Werecreatures are those afflicted with Lycanthrope: Making them able to turn into a half humanoid half animal creature. Werecreatures are more commonly known Lycan.
Many assume that there are only Werewovles when in fact there are many denominations; such as
Werebears, Werefox, Werecats (ie: From Lions to domestic cats) Weregator, Wereshark,
Werehawks (ie: Other birds) Weresnake, Werebat. Many more...
(Please ask the admin if you are not sure)
Typical Appearances:
All Were’s appear

Descendants of Animal shifters. The lycanthropy virus is spread by a bite or scratch from someone infected with a certain strain. Each race ie: Were tiger, is infected with its own strain. Thus if one was scratched by a Weregator they would turn into one.

Werecreature’s have very limited powers. They are usually telepathic with their own kind.
They also have the attributes of the creature they are able to turn into.
Ie: Enhanced hearing, and sight, Speed, amphibious breathing, flight.

They never have elemental powers.

Specific Weaknesses:
Metallurgy – Affliction to metals
All are allergic to silver, it is lethal if it enters the bloodstream

Werecreature’s/Lycanthropes age like humans and have a similar lifecycle.

It is known that Werewolves generally live in packs and maybe so for other creatures such as Werefox.
These pack or communal creatures tend to have a hieracy:
Doyen – Councillor, advisor to the Alpha.
Alpha – Leader of the pack
Proxy – Second in command
Beta – Anything from Councillor to warrior. Alpha position falls on Beta after death.
Deltas – Hunter gathers
Kappa – Those that have left the pack to live a solitary life, they remain loyal to the pack
Omega – Families, labourers. Women and children .
Whether or not the creature is communal or solitary depends on what they turn into, it all depends on instinct. Though there are a few that go against the grain as they are still sentient.

Werecreature’s cannot be have offspring with other werecreature’s of a different race.
Ie: Werecat cross Werehawk.
Were’s also cannot breed with other species.

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