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Post  Jessyka on Tue May 15, 2012 3:20 pm

Nekos & Kitsunes

What They Are:
Neko- Cat-like humanoids with feline ears and tails.
Kitsunes- Fox-like humanoids with canine features, including ears, tails, and usually pointed teeth.

The two species originated within Japan, but spread through the rest of the world over time.

Both species are able to harness seductive powers, though they do not work on darker species [vampires, demons, etc].
Both are more agile and have enhanced senses of hearing and smell.
Nekos tend to be telepaths, but are rarely elementals.
Kitsunes tend to be elementals, but are rarely telepaths.

Specific Weakness:
Both species are known to have very strong tempers and have a habit of acting on emotion, rather than thought.
They are also territorial.

Slowed aging. They age as normal humans would up until the time of puberty, then their aging begins to slow. They physically age one year for every 25 that passes.

Usually by family or clan. Kitsune tend to be more pack-oriented than nekos, however.


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