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Post  MaLoRy on Tue May 15, 2012 9:09 pm

---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: Wynter-MErcy
Real life name: Mallory

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Renee Wilder

Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire 7844dd10

Titles: None. Renee does hope to become a Lady.

Meaning of Name:

Coven/Clan Belonged to: N/A

Apparent Age: 20, 21

Real Age: 125 or so. She hasn’t kept track.

Birthplace: Kauaʻi

Current Residence (Room, not town): She currently resides in a small-looking cottage on the outskirts of town.

Lives With: Her horse, Persephone.

Occupation: None

Past Occupations: She was once a ballroom dance instructor in Alabaster, but it didn’t last very long

Species: Sanguine Vampire

Nickname(s) [If any]: Rain

Sex: Female

Birthday: October 16th, 1995

Physical Appearance

Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire Endles10

General Description/Facial Features: Renee has got a strong yet feminine jaw and a long, thin face. Her cheekbones are high.

Height & Body Type: Renee has a slender build and has recently gained some curves. Shes got legs that go on for miles, making her hard to ignore. She hit a growth spurt recently and is five foot seven.

Eyes: Renee has got adorable milky brown eyes, almond shaped that give her that Egyptian look.

Skin Tone: Ivory, like most of the vampiric race Renee has very pale skin with wintery undertones.

Scars: None, yet.

Type of Dresser: Renee wears very elegant clothing, more often gothic-style than not but she has started keeping with the trends of the modern, outside world.

Hair Color & Style: Her hair color is naturally light brown but she stared to dye it darker. In the sun, it has mahagony streaks in it.

Tattoos/Piercings: Her tragus and conch are pierced on her right ear, and she's got a rose tattoo just above her left breast.

Other (Wings, ears, etc):

Personality & Such

Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire D82d9c10

Blind - Renee was born semi-blind. She can see colors, but everything sort of blends together so she cannot read, nor draw, and she has great difficulty writing.
Toe walking - Because Renee was cut off from her oxygen for some number of minutes during childbirth, she suffers from cerebural paulsy, which results in her toe-walking. This means that instead of walking flat footed like you and I, she walks on her tippy toes. It doesnt seem bad, but it can cause spinal damage and muscle damage.

Mental State: Relatively sane. There are times when her disabilities can really get to her and she will have breakdowns over it, but that is only if somebody decides to pick at her constantly about them.

Talents: She can shoot a bow and arrow better than most, and by her excellent aim you wouldn’t think she was blind or had any trouble seeing.
It isnt much of a talent, but Renee is also excellent at hiding her blindness. She walks like a normal person, and finds herself easily able to do most things that blind people have diffuclty doing.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Engineering, surfing, knees and elbows street fighting, surfing, sneaking around like a bad ass ninja.

Interests: Anything to do with fixing engines, surfing, fighting, being a ninja. Basically, all the
things she's worked hard at.

Self-Image: Renee thinks highly of herself, but she isnt concieted.

Weakness: She can't boil a pot of water. But she's been watching the cooking channel, so, she's
trying to learn. She sucks at shooting guns, because they scare her, and she's really
horrible at art. She just sucks like five million balls at it.

Special Abilities/Powers: Her sight, hearing and smell is enhanced; She is also pyrokenetic.

Popular or Loner: A bit of both, really.

Overall Personality:
- Logical/Logical - She is incredibly smart.
The only reason she's this talented is because she's studied and practiced and worked hard
and she hates when people call it her gift. No one gave it to her, she worked for it.

- Childish/stubborn –Renee is very childish in her ways, and, I believe that
stubborn usually comes along with that. She's stubborn and hard headed and she get's
seriously pissed off when people tell her she can't do something. She's set in her ways
and believes that she can do anything.

On another note, Renee is a socialite, of sorts. She loves having discussions with
people, about all sorts of things. She's honest, almost to a fault, and you can trust her
with any secret. Even if you've killed someone, it'll never escape her lips. She never
betrays someone like that.

Best Personality Trait:

Worst Personality Trait:

Fears: Her house burning down, her dad dying. She's okay with pretty much everything else.

Sexuality: She likes boys.

Thoughts on love & Relationships:

Relationship History:

General Likes:She loves surfing and hiking through forests. She generally dislikes forest trails though, she
tends to wonder off and make her own path.

She loves Hawaii, Alaska, Sweden, and Italy.
She's obsessed with owls, pygmy marmoset monkeys, and traditional Japanese and
Hawaiian culture.

General Dislikes: She hates snobby rich girls. And boys. And their snobby parents. She dislikes those who are egotistical and full of themselves, and those who are afraid to get a little grease on them and a little dirt under their nails. She doesn't like "gangster" types or preppy kids and she REALLY doesn't like girls. Any of them. Well, some of them, everyone once in a while, but not most of them. "Those things . . . with the vaginas, I don't trust them," she'll say, if you ask her about it.

Usually Equipped With : A small set of daggers with ivory hilts, and a bow and arrow she keeps hidden outside of the tavern in the forests somewhere.


Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire We_fou10

Family Finances: Well off, but now that Renee is on her own she really has no money.

Birth Order & Siblings: Renee is the youngest of eight brothers.
Relationships with Siblings: She never liked any of her brothers except for Jasper, and all of the others lived out of the house anyways.

Education: High school education, but she has begun to classes to improve her logical sense.

Ethnic Heritage: Swedish, German, Egyptian, Indian.

Accent: French because of her long stay there, though hawaiian does creep into some of her words.

History: Renee was born on Kaua'i, the
oldest of the main Hawaiian islands. She lived there her entire life, and, is considered
Hawaiian by most even though there's really no Hawaiian blood in her, save for three
generations back, but that hardly counts. She is of Swedish, German, Egyptian, and Indian
descent, and very proud of this.

Renee's mother died during child birth, so, she never got to meet her mother. She has a
locket with her photo in one side, and her father's in the other, and boxes full of copies
of old family photos her dad has. She looks almost exactly like her mother, except for her
hair color, which came directly from her father's side. Its a beautiful chocolate brown with
mahagony streaks running through it. She is taller than both her mother and father, and
it looks like she'll take after her grandma on her mom's side.

Renee was born to a long line of Sangine Vampires, and, as it would happen, her father was
Renee's sire. Well, actually, he was more of the "family" sire, which means that
whoever was to be apart of his family he would be obligated (and would desire) to protect
them. This is how he knew that Renee's mother would be the one for him, and why they
wasted no time starting their own family. Renee's mother was twenty five when she was
born and she and Renee's father had been together for six years before.

She didn't have an extremely extravagant childhood, nor was it very adventurous. Well, by
her standards anyhow. She never saved her home from any natural disasters, she never
spoke to the dead, brought anyone back to life, made any deals with demons of other such
dark forces. She had a normal childhood. Again, by her standards. She'd spend her
weekdays at home after school, doing homework and working on engines she'd find at the
junkyard. Their house was built over and around the family owned garage, that had been in
their family for four generations. They're remodeled it, well, Renee's dad had, since
they inherited it, but, it was the same old same old family owned and operated business it
had always been.
Renee loved working in her dad's shop, getting to spend time with him and her brother
meant everything to her. She was exceptionally close to her dad, her grandmother, her
brother, and her uncle. They meant everything to her, and they still do.
She spent her weekends surfing, hiking, or riding dune buggies on the beach, or
motorbiking in her self made forest paths. Like any guardian she spent whatever free time
she could set aside to practice with her powers (and let me tell you, she often set things
on fire around the house), her 'talents', and she had to learn how to transform into her
animal form relatively fast. She had no choice over her animal, but, she got owl on her
first try and stuck with it. She had a hard time learning how to fly, but, she eventually
got a well enough hang of it.

The day she turned fifteen, Spike came in to her dad's shop looking for work. Any work, he
needed the money desperately. Renee's dad hired him, and they spent so much time
together over the course of three months (I'm talking everyday, man) that mutual feelings
developed. Spike was Renee's first love and first time and when they broke up she still
harbored feelings for him. She never told anyone that, though.

A couple of months later she found herself here in Alabaster. She doesnt remember
how she got here or the events leading to her running away from her home.

Renee has now been in Alabaster for fifteen years, give or take some because of her leaving when she was younger, but ALAS, she has returned to wreak havoc on the city dwellers! Current events are in her journal.

Languages Spoken: Cherokee Indian, German, Hawaiian.

Religion: None, really, though she does occasionally go to the church. Not to pray, only because she thinks it is simply beautiful and large.

Theme Song: Im not calling you a liar - florence + The Machine

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Post  Jessyka on Wed May 16, 2012 4:43 am

Since this bio does not contain a valid species, it will be removed from the forums in a day if it it not edited.
Please choose a species from the list considered valid or speak to Liz or I about being something else.

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Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire Empty Fixed <3

Post  MaLoRy on Wed May 16, 2012 4:57 pm

I made her a guardian angel instead Very Happy


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Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire Empty updates, updates...

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Renee Wilder - Sanguine Vampire Empty updates, updates

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more and more updates Very Happy


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Updates on pictures, history, and some other things. >~<


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Pwetty pics

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Thanks a bunch :3
I love yours as well.


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