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~ OOC Information ~
Username: Herus
Real life name: Jake (20 Years Old)

~IC Information~
~* Vital Statistics *~

-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Roman_19

Full Name:
Lord Roman Mathis Black

'Lord' Obtained as his birth right, as he was born into a Noble Vamperic Family.

Meaning of Name:
The Roman empire was great in it's time and so Lucian chose to name his son after a strong and mighty empire,
in the hopes he would also be successful and undefeatable.

Known as:
'' Purest of Pure-bloods ''

Speed / Blacky'
(These names are only used by his close friends back in Blue-Ash)

Noble 'Pure-blood' Sanguine Vampire

History of the Race & Family:
Roman is the last 'pure' heir of the Black family. Once a mighty and influential coven, they have now fell into demise.
However their name is still know globally and surprisingly is still rather respected amongst Mythical Creatures.

The Blacks have traced the history of their race and breed right back to its creation, as have many other Vamperic Families.
The Vampire was the earliest mutation of the Nephilim gene, and the sanguine vampire are still the most common denomination of Vampire, even today. Although Krusnik and Psionics - a mutation of the Sanguine gene followed and spread, and are also still in existence.

As the first humans came from Africa and Arab country alike, so did Vampires and the 'odd' tan pigmentation of the Black descendants today is a reminiscent of this characteristic, uncommon as it may be amongst Vamperics.
As for other traits of the Black Family, such as the bright green eyes, these can be explained as dominant allele of the Black chromosome that determines eye color. As for the passive-aggressive tendencies and the change in eye color upon the progression of thirsty, these are merely characteristics of the Vamperic race.

Coven Belonged to:
Davikov Coven- New head of the Coven (Upon Kostya Davikov's death)
The Black Winter- Leader (Hunting and assassination Division)

~ Roman is the head of the mighty Davikov Coven, of BlueAsh, Russia.
One of the worlds most ancient Covens founded my Kostya Davikov, the son of the first Russian Pure-blood.
It was he who formed one of the first pure-blood (Sanguine) families, through interbreeding with his Romanian Relatives.

The Coven is a legend even amongst the Mythical world, and it was left to Roman, (Though he was not the rightful heir, upon the death of the Covens founder; Kostya Davikov), upon the death his 'adopted father' Kostya Davikov.

Back in the times when Vamperic hunting clans swept through the rural villages of Europe, the Clan of the Davikov Coven were infamous for leaving behind their signature; Each village that fell as their victim, was left drained of all human life, the only remnants left was the pile of drained, burning bodies. The ashes were said to fall from the sky like Black snow, thus came the metaphorical name 'Black Winter'.

Born in the Evening of May 25th of the Year1888
Current Age: 124 Years
Appears to be no older than 20 years of age, physically.

Roman was born in his Grandmothers Castle:
Lennis château, Neice, France

Alabaster (England), Hemlock Cottage -
A small residence with its own grounds he brought from the Rossetta Coven upon having been persuaded to stay in Alabaster.

BlueAsh (Russia), Penthouse -
Permanent housing is above the Covens headquarters, in a penthouse.
He lives alone though is served by any of the house maids when he wishes, ans as he is somewhat of an animal lover
he often has several pets at once.


Relationship Status:
It's Complicated

Relationship History:
Roman has been involved with more than a few women,and some of his relationships have been somewhat complicated.
Many of his relationships have merely been a means to an end, meaning he has manipulated most of his lovers, as well as Alanya Davikov, the daughter and heir of the Coven. Through her he came to be her second in command though their relationship waned after he obtained his position.

At this current time Roman is the head of the Davikov Coven - An ancient Russian organisation that deals primarily in the trafficking of human's, narcotics and weaponry. On a political level they deal in stock markets, property and money (They have been known to use violence as a means of obtaining all of these things and have even infiltrated their way into some European, Mortal governments.)

Past Occupations:
Soon after Roman had left France and his Family to 'Travel', he assassinated his armed escort and fled to Egypt, here he became a homeless street dweller.
During in this three year period he became involved in a gang lifestyle, stealing and laundering narcotics and cash.
Though this taught him skills that later made him favourable to the Davikov Coven, at the time this life has hit rock bottom.
He hid his true identity and even his race, it was when this truth escaped that the gang turned on him, causing him to destroy them all, though no before they beat him to near death, it was only his animal instinct that allowed him to eventually finish them off in a fit of rage.
Roman was found by Valerika, she never told him how or why she was in Egypt, though she quickly became Romans first love, though this was not to last when he realised what he could gain from her.

Coven Training
Roman's first few years in the Coven are highly classified and he never speaks of that period of his life, it is assumed that this is when he received most of his training as an assassin - though he only preformed 3 known missions.
He went on to take an interest in Demolition and the workings of Firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Roman was educated to a high level when he was younger and living in France with his 'Aunt' and Grandmother.
He studied: English, Geography, Art, including Music, Biology & Chemistry, although had no interest in Physics.
His favourite subjects were Philosophy and Languages. Roman is very skilled when it comes to writing.
Roman speaks Five languages, to a fluent level - French being her first Language, English, Russian, Spanish & Latin.

~* Physical Appearance *~

Height & Build:
6ft 2inches. Roman's Parents where both of an average height, though he happens to be taller than both of them.
Roman is very active for his age, and though he inherited his athletic build and stamina from his father he constantly pushes his boundaries to stay in shape. Though Roman is not vain he believes one should look after their body, its the only one you get, and its always an advantage to be faster than your prey.

Roman weighs in at around 160Ibs.
He is not concerned with his physical appearance though he is in perfect physical shape due to the amount of exercise he does on a daily basis.
Roman is known to trek for kilometres when on his hunts and often gets lost and looses track of time - leading to a long walk home.

Eye Colour:
Roman, shares the Trait that all the Black Family have: for lack of a better word 'Bottle' green eyes, that Blacken when angered or 'Thirsty'
They return back to the bright green shade, as a consequence of feeding.
Something that is personal to him, however, are the flecks in his iris that seem to glimmer and golden shade in certain lights, which often dazzle people.

Hair Colour:
Both of Roman's biological parents have auburn/brown hair.
Roman has a darker shade of hair like his Father, though he shares the reddish undertones of his Mother which one might catch a glimpse of in sunlight.

He usually keeps it cropped short, though he does like there to be enough for him to style it as is his want.
Which tends to be the 'unkempt' look- which he pulls off rather well, it also means one can never tell when he has been out all night.

Skin tone:
Roman also carries another trait of his family blood-line, one that is perhaps more noticeable than even his vivid eyes - Unusually tanned skin.
His skin is in fact a sun-kissed, Mediterranean, shade: Many people at first glance assume he is merely a human, this sometimes plays to his advantage.
It often surprises people when he reveals his true nature; although their are those few with a sense of smell as keen as his own that has the 'nack' of uncovering his race.

Identifying Marks:
Roman has very few scars due to the fact Vampires regenerate so quickly.
~ Roman has many, scattered, creasant like scars upon the nape of his neck and down to his collar bone - each with two distinct fang marks;
from repeated biting from lovers and Valerika.

~ As expected Roman has fangs, that protrude over his lips at will, when angered and when feeding.

Other than Natural Vamperic telephathy, Roman does not wield any Elemental powers, though he is highly skilled in combat, of many natures.
Be it hand-to- hand, or aided by me-lee weaponry, he has also been known to be a good shot when it comes to guns and the like, and his preferred weapon of choice is a .357 Colt Python Magnum.

Equipped with:
Revolver, Cigarettes, Pills, Wallet, Watch, Journal Key
Sometimes a Book

-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Renae_13
Carrying: (On holster)

~ *~

-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Romans11
Key to his Journal (Worn around his neck)

~* Psychology & Such *~

Complex would come to mind when one thinks about the workings of Roman's personality, this is due to the fact that he has more than one known persona due to his illness, although the main reason being because he keeps his personal life and his business as Head of the Davikov Coven separate - He is quite a different person when 'At work' from how he is 'At home', though a few characteristics do carry over here and there.

'At Home' & 'At Work'
The Secretive:
Roman keeps to himself most of the time as is expected of the head of a coven as prestigious as the Davikov.

~ This happens to be something that is taught at a young age to all the Black family children as there are many inter-weaving family secrets that must be kept, most of all the secret of the vampire.
One must never let this fact be known when in the mortal world, as well as some more sinister truths about family dealings.

'At Home'
To those he doesn't acquaint herself with he is a man of very few words and he keeps his past and emotions to himself - you’re lucky and must have a certain something about you if he tells you.
This makes him altogether a very mysterious person, this factor has aided the rumours that were spread about his 'blood-thirsty' ways back in his early days in the Black Winter.

'At Work'
Now, the head of Coven and the leader of 'The Black Winter', (that is very much like a crime syndicate in the way that all of its dealings are highly criminal and must be kept classified information, not only from those whom are the Law in Blue-Ash but also other Covens are Europe.) His secretive ways will continue to aid him in the running of the Coven, though he is already experienced in the running of such operations from his previous position of Second in Command and Leader of the Black Winter. Missions of the Davikov are to be kept amongst a certain group of people at one time, Roman is excellent and not disclosing information.

The Manipulator:
Roman often gets what he wants, and is very skilled in the Art of persuasion and manipulation, so much so that often the other person does not realise they are being used as a means to an end or lied to.

'At Work'
Gaining what he desires through bargains or extortion (Blackmail), to Roman's mind if very efficient and the easiest way to obtain something with as little injury to the Coven as possible, as opposed to gaining it by brute force.

Roman is the Head of the Vampire Clan, made of five members and himself who are known as The Black Winter, his coven subjects do most of his bidding when he is back home in BlueAsh or on missions around Europe,though he makes all the choices and decisions about how the Coven is to move forward or deal with a situation.

The Fighter:
Roman is sometimes agressive though he maintains that this side of him is only for work, and he strives to stay away from combat situations when 'at home'.

'At Work'
Though Roman may seem to shy away from conflict this is not the case when 'at work', when a 'client' is being difficult he is not opposed to pulling out the big guns and showing them that if they do not give him what he requires he is not afraid to take it the hard way. (This has often resulted in the death of the client and Roman has lifted what he required afterwards, at no financial cost or harm to the Coven.)

In more pressing situations such as conflict with another Coven, Roman holds back on presenting the enemy with a display of brute force, his cunning mind leads him to an alternative, and instead he prefers to lead them into a false sense of security to then attack them by ambush.
Being a good and quick shot aids him in doing so, as he has been known to invite a leader or person of importance to meet him on either a personal or business level, promising that he will be alone, once they agree and the meeting is in progress he will either play his game, or waste no time in slaughtering them - this has shown to be very efficient in the past.

The Diplomat:
Roman's logical way of thinking makes him a excellent diplomat and this is one of his skills that he carries over to his 'at home' state, more often.

'At Home'
Too those whom he has taken a dislike to he is very diplomatic and tries to stay out of their way,(Flame wars and vicious words ~ though he is skilled in them, are not his way of dealing with things) or if a incident does occur when this is impossible, should any conflict arise he tries to calm it first, however, if one does 'go to far' he does bite.

'At Work'
Roman works well under pressure and is skilled at making quick, logical decisions - this makes him an almost perfect leader.
His bold confidence also gives him an edge unlike no other in the Black Winter Clan, for this he is admired by even some of the highest members of the Coven. He never wavers in his beliefs.
Roman's many conflict strategies have faired him well over his last 20 or so years as Head of the Black Winter, though he hopes that Alabaster will be a chance to have a break from his political lifestyle.


More on Personality:
Roman is not all work and no play, though he often has to be on his guard when around BlueAsh, his life more or less evolves around his work. On visits to see heis 'Aunt' - Vesper and Grandmother - Neeve, he has a chance to relax.
Roman adores any time he can spend in France with his family - small as the Black family has become, enjoys time with his relatives.

Another Black Family Trait:
It is true to say that the Black family carry many traits and persona is one of them, being born of two of Black siblings, this means that Roman consequently holds true to many of the said traits. He was brought up in the typical environment of any Black family youngster.

Personally, Roman is a very passive person and is very disinterested in the way of others troubles, much like his father.
Though when it comes to more personal issues he tends to hunker down and keep it to himself, his logic never aids him with matters of the heart - his fear to show his true emotion, while staying true to his proud persona, is often his down fall.
However, when if it something in the way of his opinion he is never afraid to speak up - he is very sure of his own voice.

Again like most Black's, Roman is usually a good judge of character, though he sometimes knows things about someone, he will still question them to observe their reactions. He has a deep interest in personal psychology and behaviour - sometimes he can use this in how he chooses to manipulate someone come the need to.

Though he is a man of very few words, he holds a few good friends within the Black Winter, whom he shares a camera-dory with.
Roman has been involved with his fair share of women and for the most part he has kept a very casual outlook on things, though should he really become attached to someone, including his friends, he opens up to show a tender, and intense caring side.

When at home, in France, he relaxes, letting go of his inhibitions while making sure to be a gentlemen in front of his Grandmother. Roman is kind and compassionate to those he cares about, he can be warm and very comical, and is fond of laughing when the occasion is right.
Secretly he wishes there were more people in his life for him to share her true inner self with, though as of now there is only her 'Aunt' and Grandmother.


Popular or Loner:
Roman has been described as being withdrawn and introvert. To say that he is not a people person would be too little, Roman rarely ever shares anything with anyone about his personal feelings. However when it comes to his opinion he is rather out spoken. He often flings himself into social situations and having said he is introvert it doesn't make his socially awkward, he is merely silent and observant.

Though she has come from one of the most infamous Pure-blood families, Roman does not let this alter him as a person, he is not snobby by any means though he is gentlemanly when expected. Roman views himself as the leader of a clan, with a huge responsibility; although prefers not to be called by his Title by his clan members he is a confident alpha male around both men and women, and uses it to his advantage when hunting.
Although deep down his mental flaws leave him unsure of himself.
Though he hides this well he always holds himself with the correct manner, and is over all very confident in who he has become. A leader, a politician, and a warrior.

As far as his sexuality is concerned, Roman believes that love will one day make him complete as a person although he is not a romantic.
Unfortunately he finds that many of his 'Rendezvous' are merely of a casual nature and never lead to anything serious.
Some men have found him threatening due to his independence and self assuredness. His impatience’s with small talk and quick sarcasm is often misread as arrogance. Though women find his charm and whit undeniably alluring.

Mental Stability:
Sufferer of DID (Dis-associative Identity Disorder)

Although Roman likes to appear level headed he does in fact suffer from a common psychological dysfunction, oddly passed to her from her father, that usually only targets the Male side of the family.
His personality can change on a dime, though he controls it well, now-days with pills, proscribed for mood swings and anxiety, though he doesn't suffer from either, he finds they work effectively.

This 'person' is a figment of Roman's imagination and is his 'alternate persona'.
He first appeared months after Roman arrived in Isadora, homeless.
Roman recalls Toulouse as a friend from that time period, though he did not realise he was actually a part of himself (An hallucination)
rather than a physical person he met whilst living in the city.

Philosophy / Politics / Reading / Horseback riding /

Hand-to-hand combat / Marksmanship / Agility /
Speed - Roman is fast, even faster than most Vampires /
Horseback riding /


Hunting & Feeding (Either Sex) / Psionic Blood / Classical Music / Russian Vodka (White Russian) / Philosophy / Reading - Fiction / Peppermints / Fire Arms / Hand crafted Me-lee / English - Writing his Journal and short biographical stories & Reading Poetry / Fashionable Clothing - nothing too flamboyant/ .354 Colt Python Revolver / Debate / Smoking & Drinking on occasion /
The Country Side & All outdoors / Food - though it is not necessary that he eats / Cherries & Apples, Chocolate & Truffles - Anything sweet / His pets - Perdita (Breed unknown - Black Cat), Cerberus (Black Scots highland terrier) Valerian (Snowflake Appaloosa)/ His logical mind /

Hard Bargains / Ale / Mathematics / Humid Weather / Children (At this point in his life) / Summer Clothing / Modern Art and Music (With exceptions) / Insects / Intrusive people / People with no opinion of their own / Immaturity / Losing / Being Kept indoors for too long / Mortals / Morals & Laws / Rashness & Irrationality / Assumptive people / Those uneducated / People that ask about his past forwardly / Formal Clothing - namely Ties / Strawberries & Citrus fruits - Sour foods /

Fears & Phobia's:
~ Coulrophobia - Fear of Clowns and Dolls (More of a dislike)
~ Pteromerhanophobia - Fear of Flying in Planes (Severe fear)

Best Personality Trait:
His logical way of thinking

Worst Personality Trait:
His Manipulative behaviour

He tends to push people who want to get to know him on a personal level away
Due to this he has never had any deeply meaningful relationships

~* Background & Family *~

Ethnic Heritage:
Caucasian - French

Biological Mother:
Lady Vesper Evelyn Black

-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Renae_11
'Lady Vesper Evelyn Black - Mother'


Role in upbringing & relationship:
Roman always thought of Vesper as his Aunt through out his childhood, though when he was recognised by Vince, the truth about his true mother came out, along with the truth as to why Vesper never married Lucian, though she was in love with him for most of her life.
Roman is very close and fond of Vesper, whether she is his Aunt or Mother, the two have a lot in common and get on very much like friends.
Vesper is also very proud of what Roman has achieved in his adulthood, though not all of his choices are preservative.

Biological Father:
Lord Lucian Justice Black

-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Lucian12
'Lord Lucian Justice Black - Father'


Role in upbringing & relationship:
Roman was always aware that Lucian was his father, though he was absent from his childhood for the most part as he suffered from a similar illness to his own - DID, otherwise known as Split Personality Disorder.
Roman has many traits of his fathers 4 selves, and this is perhaps why Vesper is so drawn to her son, in the absence of her Half-Brother and lover.

Family Finance:
~ A noble blood-line, the Black family is very well off and once owned all of Alabaster and its establishments.
Neeve and Vesper are still very wealthy, and own quiet a lot of profitable land in France.

~ The Davikov Coven, are know all around the world for their financial status, they remain to be the wealthiest and largest Coven in Russia, and possibly the world.

~* Biographical History *~

Birth & Childhood: 1
'The Secret Child'

From the moment he was conceived, he was a secret. Though it was not unheard of within pure bloods vampires, incestuous relations still held somewhat of a stigma. So to keep his creation and existence hidden, for those short months of her pregnancy, his mother was never to leave the walls of her home - Lennis Château...
After all he was nothing more that than an accident, and unplanned result of a passionate fling between secret lovers...

Six short months later he was born, a healthy baby boy. Though it was apparent that he was not merely the son of the Black family, even for those who knew his secret it was uncanny that he appeared so obvious. He was the new heir to the Black family lineage and there was no question he was a Black... completely.
The son of Vesper and Lucian Black, half-siblings and two of three children of Lord Laurence Black.
This boy would come to be known as 'The Purest of Pure-bloods'


Roman Mathis Black, came to be his name. Though he had now escaped the covert of his mothers womb, it was now vital that he continued to remain concealed from the rest of society, even the Vamperic community, for if anyone was to see this boy, his features were so that he was sure to be recognised.

Two days old and plans for the boys future were all ready being made; The Black family had grown weak, the downfall of Lucian and Abel had ruined the family name. The remaining elders saw fit that Roman was to restore it.
Sentenced, his destiny set for him after only a few days of having been born..

Roman's childhood flew, and he grew fast as most vamperic children. He was educated, by the same tutor as his father and uncle before him. Everything about his early years was mapped, so that one day he might find his way to greatness.
He was being sculpted, every essence of his being screamed of what he was, and it seemed there was no escaping it...

Adolescence: 2
'The Growth of Ambition'

One would have thought that the Blacks had learnt from their mistakes. If their formula for making leaders had not worked before that is was sure to fail once more. Roman was being set up to fall...
Though it was not his upbringing that was going to lead him astray. No, it was simply his genetics. There was something fundamentally wrong with all of the Black descendants. They were headstrong, intelligence and other wise successful leaders though each male born of the Black bloodline held a psychological illness that made them factitious.

Roman had grown intelligent, which lead him to the conclusion that he was being used, early on his in adolescent years.
He knew that one way or another he had to get out... He read into his fathers journals, as far back he could find.
There he found something that lead him to form a plan.
His father as did his father before him, took a 'vacation' from study after their 18th birthday. It was more or less a family tradition that the young buck would venture out into the world and gain experience. Become a man so-to-speak.

His birthday came, their was a small ball held by his Grandmother and it was there that he sprung his plan. He announced that he wished to travel and see the world. The dread in his Mother's eyes was apparent as her brothers had also taken this leap and it had lead to their demise. Though not being one to deprive him of anything she allowed him to go, for 2 months, if he agreed to take an escort, or there was to be no trip at all.
Roman had no choice but to accept, and without his input the trip was organised for him, where he would go, what he would see.. this was not the freedom he sought, there was truly no way out.

Manhood: 3

The gates of the Château opened and before him lay an opportunity. His escort Philipe drove him down the driveway and from there on to Spain his first destination.
Roman saw his way out on their first overnight stop, at a small hotel on the border of Spain and the South of France, though he had never taken a life before Roman was desperate, and this was what vampires did. Philipe was exterminated.
At last Roman had freedom... he took the car and drove off to where ever he wanted to go.
This was all going fine, Roman went to bars in Madrid, had his first real drink and his first rendezvous with a woman.
Roman felt he was becoming a man, on to his next stop .... until there came a point, there was no more money left and the car was running out of Gas.
22 miles outside of Isadora the car ground to a halt in the middle of the road. From here it as walk or hitch a ride.

2 months had passed and he had not arrived back home. Roman had found his demise sooner than he had thought.
Going it alone was not all he imagined to be, he found himself homeless and too ashamed to go back to France.
Roman found himself in a bar, when he met Toulouse; a pedlar whom belonged to a gang of other delinquents who also found themselves homeless, and like that Roman found himself a comrade.

For the next two years Roman spent his time dwelling in old abandoned buildings living off the little money Toulouse and the gang made busking, stealing and prostituting their female companions and occasionally themselves. The trade of Narcotics was the real money maker and Roman had an edge that made sales easy.
One breezy night in May, Roman came across a limo, parked down a dead end ally. he was waiting on the corner of for a dealer to come meet him.
From the Limo came a women, a women Roman was never likely to meet but now would never forget - Valerika. Perhaps it was fate, she was a young and beautiful temptress as well as a vampire like Roman.
He never leant of why she was down that alley but Roman soon found himself to have a steady income lending her his services, be it sexual or merely to obtain narcotics, though he was fine with this as it was what he needed to get himself off the streets and to some place better.

Roman's plan came true sooner than he had thought and though he had realised he was slowly falling in love with his mistress as their encounters became more frequent and more passionate. Reserved as he was, Roman did not let his feelings get in the way of his goal and his infatuation faded quickly.
Valerika held a secret that lead her introduce him to some of her associates; among them was Kostya Davikov and Vincent Valencia.

Kostya was the leader and founder of the renowned Russian Vampire Coven and Vince, an Italian with his hand in many political affairs was one of the elders of the coven. Roman quickly became noticed as his pitch black eyes stood out, especially to Vincent.

Little did Roman know but Vince was once an elder of the Black Coven and his Grandfather - Laurence's arch-nemesis.
His beloved Grandmother. Neeve was one Vincent's lover, before Laurence stole her away from him with his Black family Charm. Roman was in no danger however Vince had long had his revenge in the killing of Laurence along with his son - Lucian, Romans own father.

Blue Ash: 4
'The Davikov Coven'

Over those first few months in the Davikov Coven, Roman found out many many dark secrets of Vamperic society and was made to swear his secrecy. Roman had become a custom to keeping his mouth shut and it faired him well.
His move to Russia went fairly smoothly as he had little to take with him. His mortal gang member neither noticed his departure or missed him.

Roman came under sever physical training so as he could be some use to the coven. Vince has assured Kostya that he was an asset and came from a strong family. He soon became one of the five hunters in the Black Winter.
Having arrived back from his first assignment he was meet with a gut wrenching event. The murder of his Uncle Abel.
This became a turning point and from then on he hardened, and cocooned himself, promising himself that he would never fall victim to a women's love, as did his foolish Uncle.

'The Black Winter'

Roman only ever completed Three missions before being promoted to head of the division. His knowledge of politics grew as did his loyalty to the coven, he quickly became a key and trusted member.

Before long Roman fell into the second of his whirlwind romances. He found Alanya Davikov, the youngest daughter of Kostya. The two lovers found themselves stealing moments away to spend with together. Although Roman has made promises to himself he found he was bending them all to often and lost interest quickly, though it was too late. Upon Alanya's pregnancy Kostya discovered their secret love affair, it was assumed it would end badly though Kostya was rather amiable and insisted that she carry to term. Unfortunately the young girl died upon birth, the lack of grief shown by Roman lead Alanya to believe he was never in love with her, she was correct. Roman had long moved on and taken interest in two other women during her short pregnancy period.
The typical Black, Roman found he could not escape the failings of his family before him, he was careless with other emotions and fuelled by his own selfish wants. His numerous relations with women meant nothing to him than a mere buzz.
Obsessed in his work, Roman found he was fighting less and because more of a businessman, involved once again in shady dealings, this time with the Davikov. He was not only the leader of the Black Winter, he had knowledge about narcotics that no other in the Coven possessed. He was useful to Kostya for so many other reasons.

'Second In Command'

Fifteen years had passed in his time with the Davikov. Roman has made his home in BlueAsh and had rarely ventured from there since he moved from Seville, Spain.
He was a long trusted member and had shown his worth on numerous occasions. A new possition was made and Roman stepped up to fill it. Second in Command for lack of a better title, to Alanya's disgust she now had to put up with her ex lover on a professional basis. There relationship had become strained since the death of their child and the two had avoided each other.

Over the years Vincent had taught him about his family though he had always sensed a bias in it.
Roman had grown curious, and before long there came a chance to take a break from his Coven life, he yearned to travel once more.
He never really got the chance on his first excretion from home, now a man and a wealthy one he had the money and the time to full-fill this wish.

Alabaster: 5

Roman found himself in Alabaster and though his expectations were not high, his experiences have far exceeded them...

(For more about Roman's new chapter, go to his Journal)


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-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Empty HISTORY

Post  Herus on Thu May 24, 2012 2:32 pm


happy reading

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-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Empty Okay. SO AS I WAS READING BIOS

Post  Rachela on Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:53 pm

I have to say Jake, Roman seems to be your most original character so far. Can't wait to start scening with you all again!

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-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Empty Re: -- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire --

Post  Herus on Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:39 pm

Edited a little Very Happy

- Personality
'At home' & 'At Work'

- Mental state

Considering changing, Relationship status, and thoughts on... :S

Posts : 107
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-- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire -- Empty Re: -- Lord Roman Mathis Black; Sanguine Vampire --

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