Ross said I should write a poem.

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Ross said I should write a poem. Empty Ross said I should write a poem.

Post  Comely! on Fri May 18, 2012 8:11 pm

It's called A.B.C., a quote from a good friend of mine. The Poem is about a girl I used to love, named Chelsea. My Friend once told me. "ABC, Pete." I asked, "what?". He replied.. "Anyone. But. Chelsea."


It all started that smile, that smile you're famous for.
That smile I think of everyday, when I wake up,
and everynight, before I sleep.
No one really liked that smile of yours, but I did.
It caught my eye, it captured my heart.
Love at first sight? No. But It felt pretty damn close.
My friends never liked you, never will.
Probably because all their ex's are my friends,
and all of their ex's are yours.
We were so shy, so cautious about what we said.
What we did, what we tried.
It was perfect you know, you were perfect.

But then you died.

I mourned, but everyone acted like it was normal,
like they expected this to happen. But I had hope.
I had hope for days, to months, to a year.
That I could get you back, that shy girl.
That careful girl, and lovely girl.

But then she died.

I dug you up, after three months. You were fine, you said.
Everything would be okay, you said.
I agreed. Happy as ever, just like it was before.
But then I realised, you were still dead.

So I buried you again, and came back the next day.
I dug you up, only to bury you again the next day,
the next week, the next month. And then just to
bury you again.

But this is the last time, I shovel this dirt onto your body,
onto your broken promices. But most of all.
This is the last time I bury, that fucking smile of yours.

I went with free verse, because rhyming isn't really my thing.

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Ross said I should write a poem. Empty Re: Ross said I should write a poem.

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