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What They Are: Humanoid beings. Unlike humans, they are very different in both appearance and magical abilities.

Appearances: Noticeably very short in their height, dwarves never grow any taller than 5 feet. Their builds are rather stocky, as well. While dwarves are primarily male, there have been instances where a female has been sighted.

Physical Abilities: Because of their builds, dwarves are surprisingly rather strong. While they are able to lift heavier things, they find themselves to be not very flexible, nor quick.

Powers: Dwarves do not typically posses elemental abilities, but those that do tend to have pyrokenisis or geokenisis.

Natural Skills: Dwarves are known for their blacksmithing abilities and knack for being able to lift heavy loads. Because of this, they make excellent builders of all kinds. They have a knack for treasure hunting and are quite good at locating precious metals and gems, due to their liking to dig.

Grouping & Life Styles: Dwarves tend to live in more forested or mountainous areas and avoid more heavily civilized or urbanized lands.
When they live together, dwarves usually elect a king to lead them in whatever their ventures are.

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