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Post  WolfsPride on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:27 am

Entry # 1: Today I arrived to Alabaster with a warm welcome from some weird robot type thing. He said he could help me become powerful, and if I didn't agree I most likely wouldn't last the day. So I became his student, and he my mentor. So far all we've been doing is working on my powers, how to control and harness them. I made myself new clawed gauntlets, they help me hone my psychic powers. They really work!

Entry # 2: Well mentor was banished today. Some higher demon appeared and possessed his body, and banished him to the void i'm guessing. So I am mentor less, and without purpose in this place as of now. I guess I'll just start making friends and see where that takes me.

Entry # 3: Today I have met jack the bone manipulator, and Anna the werewolf. I have taken quite the interest into this one, as she is not like everyone else. She has very weird behaviorism and has a mysterious aura around her. When there is a mystery it makes me curious, and when I am curious I can't help but try to crack that mystery. She doesn't engage in much conversation though, I guess shes playing hard to get.

Entry # 4: So I had the pleasure of meeting a Fallen Angel, and another Demon Today. The fallen was just watching me and Anna talk, then pulled out a gun cocking the hammer back. I grabbed her hand and ran. He found us however, and shot me in the stomach. The demon surprisingly offered to help, but as it would be the holy bullets just make the wounds worse. What is this world? A world where random acts of violence are justified. Where if you can kill someone, go ahead and kill them there's no stopping you... Maybe if this is the world we live in, I myself have to change to abide by these rules. It seems unfair, yet survival of the fittest seems to be the game out here. The bullet wounds healed over time, all by themselves. Not feeling pain, I just reached into my wound and grabbed the bullets, yanking them out. I guess not being able to feel pain is to a benefit sometimes..

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Post  WolfsPride on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:34 am

Species: (As seen so far)
Vampires - To my knowledge there are sanguine (Drinks blood) and non-sanguine vampires. Sanguine vampires go into a frenzy when they are hungry, and will kill anyone in their path. They have advanced abilities and usually wield some type of power. Usually a element manip.
Scent: Metallic

Demons - The only demon I've seen so far happens to be a higher one, that doesn't make me feel good about the rest of their population. It seems that they can make rifts and become ethernal, and possess people. I need to keep this in mind so I know what to do just in case they ever try it with me. I must learn how to defend myself from this, ill go to the archives later. Man I wish I still had a mentor.
Scent: Like death, decay.

Werewolf: They are just like myself, I don't need to go much into detail about it.
Scent: Pine tree type scent

Fallen Angel: I cant say this about all fallen angels, but the representative of their species shot me in the fucking abdomen. They seem to have a high superiority complex, and can't admit when they are wrong. Apparently i'm "Worthy" because I can handle 5 shots and not die. This fallen angel was really cocky, and to say the least, didn't seem that educated in morals. I know I can't judge the whole race on this one fallen angel that decided to attack me, that would be unfair. So I will update this article when I find another fallen angel.
Scent: Vanilla mixed with feces.

Will post more as I observe.

Notes: As I've noticed from the demon, there are alternate dimensions that can be traveled to in this world. Other species are able to do this and I must learn of these places, for my own learning purposes. Does the more dimensions you can go to mean the more power you have? I must look further into this.


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