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---OOC Information---
Habbo Username:BaByGiRl56256
Real life name: Hanna

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Chaos Marie Silent

Titles: None
Meaning of Name: The word Chaos means 'A condition or place
of great disorder or confusion'. Her middle name, Marie, means 'Bitter'. Her last name, Silent, means 'No sound'.
Coven/Clan Belonged to:N/A

Apparent Age:15

Real Age:13

Birthplace: N/A

Current Residence (Room, not town):N/A

Lives With:No one

Occupation: N/A

Past Occupations:N/A

Species: LycanThrope

Nickname(s) [If any]:None

Sex: Female

Birthday:June 6th, 1999
Her in human form
Physical AppearanceChaos Marie Silent  1295290564_8026_full
Her in lycan form
Chaos Marie Silent  2075pbn
General Description/Facial Features: Chaos is a young looking Lycanthrope that is quiet. She has long purple hair and has a nose piercing. Her ears are pierced as well and she looks like a young, innocent 15 year old girl.

Height & Body Type: 5'3 Tall. Slender,

Eyes: Her eyes are a bloody red color.

Skin Tone: A little pale.

Scars: Long scar running down her stomach.

Type of Dresser: She likes to wear a blue sweatshirt and baggy jeans.

Hair Color & Style:Her hair is a purplish color. Her hair is long and straight.

Tattoos/Piercings: Has a tattoo of a wolf on her shoulder. She has a nose piercing and her ears pierced.

Other (Wings, ears, etc):None

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None

Mental State:None

Talents: Draws alot.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Loves to draw, Loves to run around, Can sing really good.

Interests: None

Self-Image: Chaos thinks of herself as a puny weakling.

Weakness (Must have at least one): Hates seeing her friends get hurt. Allergic to silver.

Special Abilities/Powers: Great hearing, sight, speed, and fighting.

Popular or Loner:Loner

Overall Personality: Can be nice when she wants.

Best Personality Trait: Being nice to her friends.

Worst Personality Trait: Being rude to people she hates.

Fears: Seeing her friends getting hurt.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Thoughts on love & Relationships: She has a slight crush on someone but will not tell who it is.

Relationship History: Has never been in one relationship through her entire life.

General Likes: She likes drawing, running, and fighting sometimes.

General Dislikes Rude people.

Usually Equipped With [Weapons and other objects]: Dagger


Mother: Carrie Ray Silent
Chaos Marie Silent  5146491156_f3a71439ce_z
Mother's role in upbringing:N/A

Father: Jacob Alexandria Silent
Chaos Marie Silent  AndrewSchmidt
Father's role in upbringing:N/A

Family Finances: N/A

Birth Order & Siblings: Chaos has a sister named Victoria Silent, who had been born first. Chaos was born last.

Relationships with Siblings: The two sisters have a great relationship.

Education: Has no education.

Ethnic Heritage [What ethnicity is your character descent from? English? Irish? Chinese?]: English

Accent: N/A

History: Chaos Marie Silent was a lonely child back then. She had never once had a friend and was usually called a freak of nature because of what she was. Many were scared and usually ran from her and stayed far away as possible from her. Her sister, Victoria, had looked out for her, even though Victoria was a vampire, she loved Chaos dearly. The two sisters are not blood related, but rather just call themselves sisters, as Victoria was the one who had found Chaos when she was only 10 and taken her in and cared for her. After a year or so Victoria let Chaos go on her own and ran off herself, making Chaos live on her own. After a couple months Chaos had found Victoria and they had both traveled ever since. Coming across Alabaster, the two sisters settled down and stayed at Alabaster for awhile. This beginning a new journey for them.

Languages Spoken:Only English


Theme Song:


Friends With:Diablo, Tharden Woodebane, Freya, Ben.

Enemies With:N/A

People Disliked:N/A

Favorite Spot:On the bridge at Ravenwood.

Can Usually Be Found At: Ravenwood.


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