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Post  Jessyka on Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:57 pm

~Moderator Expectations~

1. Make sure every rule in the rp is observed by every member. This includes you yourself. Failure to enforce any rule on multiple occasions will result in the removing of your rights and status as a moderator.

2. Respect every member within the rp, even if you do not particularly like or agree with them. Not everyone within the rp will share the same opinion on something and it is not in your place to judge because of this.

3. Don’t be afraid to handle a situation before it gets out of hand. If you sense something is going awry, don’t be afraid to speak up or ask what’s going on.

4. Remember that you were chosen to be a mod for a reason. You are to help set the example of what is expected within the rp, and so, are to not only help enforce this, but rp accordingly yourself.

5. Remember you are a MODERATOR. There are some situations in which you will be expected to take an issue to the owners (Jake or Jess), as it may not be appropriate for you yourself to handle them.

6. Should you find yourself in a situation where you must kick a member from the rp and remove them from the group when Jess or Jake is not online, it will be expected of you to tell one of them as soon as you see them online.

7. It is not your decision as to who is and is not banned within the rp. This decision is up to the owners, however, if you have an issue, we welcome you to speak to us about it.

8. You will be asked questions about the rp by other members and potential members. You are expected to be able to answer such questions and if not, direct the member to someone who can.

9. If there is an issue with another member and they are not willing to explain what happened to you in a reasonable, respectful, and calm manner, you are allowed to remove this person from the rp until this person can settle things with you in a matter that is appropriate.

10. If there are more than 5 members in the OOC area of the main that are simply talking, feel free to encourage them to get a scene going. If you are OOC yourself, we highly recommend you try getting a scene going yourself.

11. If a member comes to you over an IC issue, you will be expected to try and hear both sides of the story. If you are able to obtain screenshots of what happened, that is all the better.

12. Remember: Everyone makes a mistake sometimes. Whether it be you or another member that makes a mistake, the key is to have patience and learn from what occurred. Repeated mistakes do have consequences, however, and should be addressed appropriately.

~How to deal with any situation…~

1. If a member breaks a rule, inform him/her of what he/she has done in a polite, respectful, and friendly way. Inform the member of what the rule states.

2. If the member breaks the rule a second time, warn them a second time and offer to direct him/her to the official rules list in the forums. Inform them that the second time the rule is broken, he/she will either be kicked back to the main, or reported to an owner (depending on the severity of the situation).

3. If the second warning was ignored, remove the member from the rp by kicking him/her.

4. If the member continues to have a problem, contact an owner as soon as possible. Handle the member in a calm, responsible way.

5. Lather, rinse, repeat. Have fun rp-ing!

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