--Kane's Tape Recorder--

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--Kane's Tape Recorder-- Empty --Kane's Tape Recorder--

Post  Xarthan on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:51 am

A small tape gray recorder hidden in Kane's belongings. It looks almost brand new, the Price tag scratched off the surface.

The Tape recorder would buzz and click a few times, before Kane' faint voice would be heard mumbling about this "Damn thing". this would go on for about 15 seconds before it would cut off and on a few times. Finally, Kane's voice would be clearly heard.

"Erm. I hope this is recordin'. I've got a lot to remember... And once I get to writin'... whenever I do this is what I'll copy down. Anyways... It's June 5. The light outside is beautiful. I've managed to lock myself out of Rowena's house... Lost the key again. Third one I've lost.

I've got a lot on my mind. skylar is missing. Off somewhere I'd guess... Bein' A dryad. I think I'm growing fond of her. Really getting ta know her, you know? I mean, Rowena is nice and all, and willin' to get down and dirty... but Skylar is really smart. I mean really smart. She knows almost how I feel in some ways about my past. I've never really opened up to anyone like I can Skylar, and she talks to me very openly as well. I like it... I like it a lot.

I've finally met that Ariane girl everyone talks about. I mean, I've talked to her before but I had a conversation with her the other day. Wasn't to shabby really. It just got awkward, like most of my conversations get... Anyways... I've been builin' the house fer the family. I've got the layout done. Sketched it on a scrap piece of paper that I found at the bottom of the Box Roman gave me. Hope it isn't important. It's got some writin' on the back but it's only a line or two long. I doubt it's anythin' Roman would care if I sketched on the back of.

Me an' Skylar went swimmin' It was pretty fun. I mean, she looked all sexy when her clothes got all wet. I almost wanted to kiss her a few times but I thought it'd be inappropriate. I barely know her. It was like Rowena's thing, ya know? She was like. all over me the first few days because I got an awkwar-"

Kane's voice would suddenly cut off. It would seem he accidentally hit the stop button on the tape recorder.


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