[RP WIDE EVENT]: The Lockdown & The Plague

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[RP WIDE EVENT]: The Lockdown & The Plague Empty [RP WIDE EVENT]: The Lockdown & The Plague

Post  Jessyka on Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:51 pm

---OOC NOTE---
Members should make Habplus.com accounts and add Jessyka and Jakesaurus on that website. Members should make a room or two for their characters, as well as a tunnel that will be connected to the manor so that your character may pass into other rooms. This is a retro website (one of the most trusted, mind you) and you will have unlimited access to coins, vip, and rooms

An unexpected case of the bubonic plague has struck Alabaster, having been brought in by a Elven Tourist who reportedly died in the hands of local physician Dr. Angelo Rossetta. In a scramble to treat those who had come into contact with the unnamed first victim, it was realized that the village's medical center simply did not have enough treatment. Realizing this, a lock-down of the entire village was put in place to ensure the safety of every resident of Alabaster, as the disease is airborne and can be contracted by coming into contact with those already infected. The following notice has been delivered to every Alabaster Resident:

As of June 13, 2012, the entire village has been placed under lock-down due to the outbreak of a plague. Residents are forced to remain indoors and may travel using the underground tunnel system that will be opened sometime later this evening. Any person that begins to experience one or more the following symptoms must see Dr. Rossetta in the medical center immediately:

-Sudden onset of fever
-Trouble Breathing
-Joint Ache
-Abdominal Pain
-Decreased Appetite

It is unknown how long this plague will last, but until the green light has been given, every resident MUST REMAIN INDOORS. Vampirics may receive any nessecary blood from the medical centers blood-bank, and other food will be distributed based on need. Thank you.

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