*An Old Leather Notebook of Jack Venator*

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*An Old Leather Notebook of Jack Venator* Empty *An Old Leather Notebook of Jack Venator*

Post  FLUFFYTheAgent on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:42 am

June 19th

Well it has been a few since Lucius and I met, and since then, even with the move to underground, Lucius has been holding up well. He has focused on chasing the small vermin around the tunnels. People have even helped him out, like that girl a day or so ago. she brought us to the well and even though Lucius hates water, he seemed to enjoy himself, as much as he could. But other that those people, there are some odd ones... That woman with the white hair for example.. She was a bit weird, saying she was "examining" me.


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