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---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: StefanWoo or Stefawn
Real life name: Stefan

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black

Lord Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black  Tumblr10

Titles: Lord. It is a title that has been passed down through his family and he, being the oldest male from his bloodline, has inherited it.

Meaning of Name: The name Cassius means "poor" or "robbed", however, the name was not chosen for this reason. Cassius was the name his father was supposed to have been given (or so he's told) and so, his parents saw it fitting to give the name to him. His middle name has no significance to it, though his "E" middle name was given to match his sister's.

Nickname: He prefers to be called by his nickname, which is Cass.

Coven/Clan Belonged to: The secret coven of the Obisidian, which he helped to co-found in 1920. He is the first of it's three heads, or Sages, and the oldest of its members.

The Obisidian Coven

A relatively newer coven that has lingered in the background and peripherals of the vampiric community since it's birth. It was founded with the purpose of opposing the ancient and out-dated traditions that many covens used (and still do) at the time. By working secretly and valuing quality over quantity, the coven of 30 members has single-handedly brought several covens to their knees through the means of subterfuge and carefully planned strategy.

Birthday: September 25, 1894
Apparent Age: 24-25
Real Age: 118

Birthplace: Black Manor, Alabaster, England

Current Residence: Cassius owns an apartment in Romania.

Lives With: Nobody, though he does own two house dragons.

Occupation: One of the heads of the Obisidian

Past Occupations: Nomad.

Species: Sanguine Vampire, though he does have some psionic traits.

Sex: Male

Physical Appearance

Lord Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black  Gaspar11

General Description/Facial Features: Like most members of his family, Cassius' appearance is attractive, though his features mostly take after his father's side of the family. He has a longer, oval shaped face, with a strong jaw and very pronounced eyes.

Height & Body Type: 6' 3''. Cassius is on the taller side with an athletic figure from years of physical conditioning.

Eyes: Cassius' eyes are very easily noticed and are his most stand-out feature. His eyes are a rather bright shade of "bottle-green", though when thirsting they darken to the violet color that is normally associated with psionic vampires.

Skin Tone: Light olive toned. Like most of the males in his family, Cassius' skin is surprisingly dark for a vampire.

Scars: Several on different parts of his body, mostly from spars and training.

Type of Dresser: Casual, but still fashionable. He doesn't like to look sloppy, so he won't usually be found wandering around in just jeans and a t-shirt, though his clothes still seem to be comfortable. He doesn't spend a ton of money on designer labels, but refuses to wear anything cheaply made.

Hair Color & Style: Dark brown, almost black, and a little bit on the longer side.

Tattoos/Piercings: Several runic tattoos that once actually worked, but their magic has worn out with time. They can faintly be seen on his arms and shoulders.

Personality & Such

Mental Illness: Cassius, like most males of his bloodline, suffers from DID [Disociative Identity Disorder], which is a condition in which he develops a completely alternate persona when triggered. His specific triggers are usually stress or anger related, though he has learned to keep both of these levels at a minimum to avoid having episodes. Cassius has something of a unique case of the illness, as his normal state of consciousness is still present during his episodes, but is suppressed by the alternative consciousness. This means that in his different state, his normal self is forced into the background to watch the chaos unfold. During bad episodes, Cassius will experience a temporary amnesia as to what really happened.

His own alternative personality is very aggressive and is very easily angered and has given itself a name: Ezra. This was discovered by Cassius when he was a younger teenager and the damage Ezra did lead him to leaving Alabaster for the safety of his sisters, whom he felt he had a duty to protect.

Talents: A skilled violinist, though he does not show this off to anyone. His more known talent is that of an actor -- Cassius is a VERY good liar and has been able to take on many "roles", so as to spy for the Obisidian. His acting has gone so far that he has been able to use fae or elven glamours to mask his physical identity to truly become who or what he wishes to portray. Once he is fully into character, it is almost impossible to detect signs of his real personality or who he really is in general.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Hunting, studying other languages, vampiric history.

Self-Image: Confident, but can come off as mildly arrogant. Cassius is aware of who is, where he came from, and just how to use that to get what he wants. His image varies on who is bearing witness to it.

Weakness: His other self (Ezra), women.

Special Abilities/Powers: Aerokenesis and normal vampiric telepathy.

Popular or Loner: Loner. Though he is confident, Cassius prefers to watch things unfold from the background rather than be the center of attention. He doesn't have many friends, rather a select few he holds dear to himself, and that is perfectly alright with him.

Overall Personality: Quick witted and laid-back, Cassius is a passive-aggressive individual. He is incredibly competitive and always strives to be first place in even the most unofficial of competitions. He commands attention from those he considers close to himself, but would rather lurk in the background to those he dislikes. He fiercely devoted to the causes he gets himself involved with, which can make him rather protective at times. He usually knows when his protectiveness goes too far and will lay off of someone/something when told to, though will be ready to help out if needed.

Unfortunately, Cassius can be quick to judge people in certain situations and usually for the worst. But like his protectiveness, he can be put into place with a gentle reminder or by telling him to cut it out. He is very impatient with small-talk and won't hesitate to bring out a snarky personality when in conversations he doesn't necessarily want to be involved with.

Best Personality Trait: His loyalty to those he allows close to him

Worst Personality Trait: His closed-off behavior to the rest of the world.

Fears: Obisidian failing its original purpose or conforming to another coven's norms,

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Ever since he was a teenager, Cassius has found he has a weakness for women -- especially those with attractive physical features. He isn't interested in a serious relationship at the current time, but knows he would someday like to marry the right woman. Unlike many of the men in his family, the idea of monogamy is appealing to Cassius, as is long-term commitment. He someday hopes to have a family of his own and has secretly vowed to be everything his own father was not.

Relationship History: Countless casual relationships and very few serious ones.

General Likes: His two house dragons (One a red pyro, Rephaim, the other an Icelandic Cyro, Genevia), any kind of alcohol, parties, classical and baroque music, spending time with his family members and friends, running Obisidian, plotting against other covens, mortal food (especially sweets), spicy blood, Isadora.

General Dislikes: Dogs, sweet blood, his father's side of the family, rock music, BlueAsh, winter weather, arrogant men,

Usually Equipped With: His broadsword (which he has named Cain), sometimes a book or a few knives.


Mother: Lady Valentina Rossetta

Lord Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black  Valent10

Mother's role in upbringing: Unlike both of his sisters, Cassius sees through his mother and right down into her rotted core. He was once very close to her as a child, but after leaving Alabaster and watching her actions from afar, he very clearly sees Valentina's dark intentions and hardheartedness toward her children. He essentially wants nothing to do with his mother, so he has cut off any and all communication with her.

Father: Lord Abel Black

Lord Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black  Abel_210

Father's role in upbringing: Abel and Cassius never shared any sort of remotely close relationship. Cassius likes to say that the only thing his father gave him was a Y Chromosome and a nice inheritance. He detests his father's lack of presence in both his life and his sisters' lives and found his father to be incredibly selfish and nearly evil.

Birth Order & Siblings:

Twin Sister, Ariane, who is older than him by 5 minutes.

Lord Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black  Tumblr10

Younger Sister, Mira. 10 years younger.

Lord Cassius Eli Rossetta-Black  Italia10

Relationships with Siblings: When he was a child, Cassius was very close to his twin, Ariane. However, as his "other side" began to develop, he isolated himself from her in an attempt to protect her from just how bad it was. He remained rather distant with Mira until she proposed the idea of Obisidian to him, which brought the siblings closer.

Family Finances: Very, very wealthy.

Education: Cassius has a degree in Classics (Greek & Latin)

Ethnic Heritage: Italian, English, Arabic

Accent: English


Early Years

Cassius' childhood was one far from what anyone would expect. Many believed that because of his parent's wealth and power, his childhood would be one filled with leisure and ease. This was hardly the case, as Cassius' father was rarely present in his upbringing and only seemed to become involved when he needed to be disciplined. Most of Cassius' years as a child were spent studying and learning how to one day take on the role as heir to the Black Coven. Though he will deny it now, as a child Cassius was very excited to know that he would some day be able to lead the same people his father did.

His free-time was usually spent with his twin sister, Ariane, who was the only one of his age in the village at that time. He also picked up the violin from his mother and spent a great many hours practicing with that.

Adolescence and Travels

Perhaps the darkest period in his life, Cassius' years as a teenager were not well spent. During this time, he discovered he had inherited the mental illness that every other male on his father's side of the family had and that it would eventually take on a big role in his life. He was unable to avoid it's coming and soon found himself consumed by his other self for days and weeks at a time. He learned that this self had a name, Ezra, and was incredibly violent, immoral, and malicious. When he was 13, he packed up his things and left Alabaster for two years so that he could learn how to control Ezra's appearances in a safer environment. When he returned to his home at the age of fifteen, he learned that his parent's marriage was deteriorating, as was his sister's physical health. While he had only intended on staying in the village for a month, he decided to stay to help take care of his family and do what jobs his father could not do.

He left again shortly after his parents divorced and, angered with everything that had come out of it, including the collapse of the Black Coven and loosing his position as heir, cut off all ties from his family. He traveled around Europe, trying to find work and himself all at the same time. He settled for a short time in Ireland, where he decided to calm his party-loving ways temporarily to take some time off for his unfinished studies. Once he had a degree in hand, however, he reverted right back to his ways of spending his nights drunk and his mornings sneaking out of the beds of his victims.

Venice, Then On To Romania

Once he had officially spent ALL of his money on alcohol and late nights out, Cassius decided to take himself where he knew he would not be denied the wealth he'd been used to since birth by any means. He showed up at Rossetta Pallazzo just weeks after his mother and younger sister, Mira, had arrived from Alabaster. Thrilled to see the family he'd isolated himself from, he decided to try and change his ways in the hopes that he might be awarded a position in the coven, since he'd lost any chance with the Blacks. He was delighted when awarded a position as one of the top assassins for the coven and the elders were pleased with his work for a very long time.

This came to an end upon the arrival of his sister into the coven. Upon realizing the torture the elders put Ariane through, Cassius decided that he did not want to be part of a coven that functioned under such outdated, almost medieval ways. He dismissed himself from his position, warning the elders that if they so much as tried to harm another coven member for unjust reasons, he would be back to rain hell on the Rossetta.

The elders went out after him, afraid that he would spread word of what really went on within the coven. Cassius fled to Romania, where he found a small establishment of vampirics like himself. He lived there under the false name of Brutus Noir for a long period of time and lent what he could to the establishment in exchange for his safety and a pair of eyes on the Rossetta. He befriended two vampirics there: Draven Alezair and Hannah Piers, who were also products of coven mistreatment. The three spoke of forming their own organization to promote the fair treatment of those who belonged within covens and Cassius supplied the rumored murder of his father and the torture and almost forced marriage of both his his sisters to empower the formation of the group even more. Finally, in 1920, Obisidian was born with four members (Mira herself had been offered a spot once she secretly rid herself of the demonic entity the Rossetta had forced on her and took it happily) and a small fortune.


As the years drew on, Obisidian gained another 20 members, but lost Hannah to one operation that ended with an explosion (literally). This was especially upsetting to Cassius, as the two had planned to marry just a few months after her death. The group went around trying to reform corrupted covens and, to those which were lost causes, destroyed their upper-ranked members and sometimes the coven itself. Obisidian was fairly successful in its cause and gained an incredibly important member in 1952 in the form of Angelo Rossetta, who had begun to catch a whiff of what rot was coming from the Rossetta elders. He provided a means of protection for Alabaster, which Cassius had begun to miss. Since he'd cut himself off from his mother and older sister again, he could not return to it whilst it was under Rossetta rule.

Now, with the possibility of taking down the Rossetta arising, the boy dealt a loosing hand since his birth has arisen into the picture once more...

Languages Spoken: Italian, English, Greek, Latin

Religion: Non-Practicing Roman Catholic. He isn't a big fan of the strict morals the church instills on its members, but can be found praying in times of great need.

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