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***OOC Information***
Habbo Username: LuxAeterna/ LovesPhilosophy
Real life name: Micky (Mouse)
Age: 20 Years of Age! (More like... 6Yrs Old LOL ^_^)

***IC Information***
*Vital Statistics *

Full name:
Emiko Akiyama

Miko /Emi

Meaning of Name:
First name - 'Child graced with beauty'
Surname - 'Autumn Mountain'

Birthday/ DOB:
19th June

Birthplace/ POB:
Shiori Sora - Japan


*Apparent Age:
'Miko has a very youthful appearance.
Around 16-17 Years Old
*Real Age:
Early 20's - 22 Years Old
(Just came out of puberty)

Kin - (Demonic Hybrid)
Kitsune (Mother)+ Flesh Eating Demon (Father)
* Surprisingly, Emiko has retained the trait of the Kitsune in her and presented as a child with Ears and a tail (It's a little shorter than her half-siblings)
* 'Miko also found that though she cannot summon hell-fire she is Pyro-kenetic as a weakened replacement form of her fathers ability.


Relationship Status:

Relationship History:
'Miko had a childhood sweetheart when she was younger - Ichiro Oshiro
She has never had any romantic relationships due to her uncles controlling nature and he would of arranged her marriage had he still been alive.

Current Residence:
Shiori Sora - (Teitaku Akiyama) Akiyama Manor
(Emiko is a frequent traveller, and so never stays at her family home too long or too often)

Lives With:
Alone (She is usually always alone on her visits to Shiori Sora)

As a female, Emiko was never encouraged to go out and search for work. In the absence of her Father, her Uncle (Ojisan) assisted her Mother in bringing Emiko up and he insisted Emiko was brought up in a respectable Japanese fashion.

Past Occupations:
Emiko's love to create aided her in getting a small part time job at a local dress-shop, though she did not work there too long as Ojisan found out and forbid her from working as it was a dishonour on her family.
Instead she has taken to writing children's books about her struggles with the 'Evil Oji' - she now works from home and her profits is merely pocket money, a she has no need for the cash, she writes for the fun of it.

Coven/Clan Belonged to:
The Akiyama family are more or less a Clan she belongs to.
Emiko is on her travels to search for a new neesh to fit into now her Uncle has passed on.

*Physical Appearance*

*** Emiko Akiyama * Kin *** Miko210

General Description/Facial Features:
'Miko has been described as 'cute', 'adorable' and 'Child-like' much to her disappointment, however the reason her mother gave her her name 'Emiko' Meaning - 'child graced with beauty' is true of her features.
Although she is by no means womanly, she is still what some may consider beautiful.
She has a slightly rounded heart-shape face which compliments her wide almond eyes and cheeky smile well. She has a particularly small nose- it is undoubtedly her smallest feature. Having said this her lips do not spread to wide over her face, though they are wide as far as depth goes making them appear plump.

Height + Body Type:
Unlike her Half -siblings Emiko is short in comparison and she stands around 4-5ft tall. Kitsune are naturally a shorter standing race, though Emiko couples this shortness with her petite figure, making her toy-like. Emiko however is very active thus giving her a slender and athletic posture. An avid climber 'Miko has become very agile and her slightly elongated limbs aid her in this.
One might notice she has long arms and legs in comparison to her shorter 'compact' torso.

Hair Color + Style:
Emiko is blessed with blonde - almost white hair which was considered adorable when she was much younger. As she has aged she had chosen to dye it numerous shades though has finally settled with a rich pomegranate pink shade. However she always takes care in keeping her ears and tail their natural colour. (Her ears stand out on her head as they contrast her chosen hair colour)
She wears it short and cropped for practicality, but her hair has always had a slight curl to it and in its short style it flicks out around the edges to frame her small heart-shaped face.

Many of 'Miko's features are outstanding and noticeable though her eyes are what grasp people's attention the most.
Her eyes are not typically Japanese in appearance as she inherited this feature from her father.
They are deeper set into her face and actually quite wide though they remain almond like in shape, though the fox-like trait of her eyes remains in her pupil making them ovular in shape. Her iris is a silvery/white shade which goes in contrast to her darker skin which only emphasis' her eyes more, the fleck of grey present in her iris frames her pupil as though drawing you in to her gaze.

Skin Tone:
Emiko's complexion is naturally a variation of the tan shade, one which fits her Japanese heritage.
Although she presents with Ochre/Golden undertones which gives her skin a glow that is becoming to her in contrast with her naturally light hair and eyes.

Identifying Marks + Features:
*Emiko has no noticeable scars on her skin, merely small marks from the many times she has removed scabs too soon.

*As expected of a Kitsune, 'Miko has a tail (though it is rather short and fluffy) and ears atop of her head.

* Piercings - Emiko has two golden loops through her left ear that she often threads beads onto, or ties ribbon and feathers to for decoration.

Type of Dresser:
'Miko is very particular about what she wears and what she is seen in.
As a child she was made to wear traditional Japanese dress which annoyed her and she was often scolded for removing clothing or fidgeting around guests.
Nowadays and dressing herself, she tends to wear breezy skirts and shorts which she can move around in with ease, and depending on where she is (Her travel takes her to all climates) she will wear strappy camisoles of thick woolly jumpers.
She tends to walk around barefoot as she has small pads on the toes, heels and balls of her feet (like a fox) which protect her feet.


Overall Personality:
Emiko is typically shy when you first meet her because she has recently become rather unsure of herself.
She is capable of being quite sweet and appears to be very innocent though she harbours a secret - people never assume that she is anything more than a cute, little Kitsune, when she is really a Kin and has an evil side to her, which she has only just discovered herself.
This new found darker persona suites her well and her mannerisms make alluring and hunting prey an easy task.

'Miko can be chatty and laid back or uptight and dismissive of people depending on her mood and the people around her.
Having a short temper - she will sulk for periods of time or throw a temper tantrum in which she can become aggressive.
Emiko feels obliged to never lie and is always mindful of her manners when out and about - though when her hunger takes her she becomes feral and has no regard for right and wrong.

She is a very inquisitive young women and though she appears childish once someone gets to know her she is actually very smart and is by no means as immature as she appears. She can think for herself though her own opinion was suppressed when her Uncle was alive, now however she is sometimes outspoken and is brutally honest.

As a Kitsune she is very comfortable with her body and wears clothes that sometimes flaunt her petite figure much to the disapproval of her grandmother and aunts. 'Miko is sometimes unintentionally flirtatious, she finds men fascinating as she has never been in any sort of contact with one through out her life. This was not allowed by her careers.

Best Personality Trait:
(*Lately 'Miko finds it hard to be positive as she feels lost and that she has fallen and become evil)

Worst Personality Trait:
(Sometimes her Optimism is seen as naive)
Short Temper & Hunger

Mental State:
Sane for the most part.
* 'Miko's temper sometimes gets the better of her and she has frantic tantrums.
Since 'Miko came into Kitsune adolescence she has found she is crazed by her hunger for flesh.
* This has changed her as a person and she considers herself no longer 'the cute and innocent Miko' every believed her to be.
The development of this hunger was not foreseen by the Akiyama's.

'Miko is very self concious due to the teasing she got from her Older Half-Siblings when she was young.
She finds her features to be childlike and she hates this. She strives to show how mature she is to combat peoples immediate assumptions that she is a child/teenager

Thoughts on love & Relationships:
Emiko wants to find a knight in shining armour that will rescue her and make her feel beautiful but she never concentrates on that as she thinks love comes to those who wait.

Religion/ Belief:
Emiko does not label herself as being from any religious denomination though her family follow Buddhism.
'Miko has struggled to find balance in her life since the awakening if her inner demon and so has turned from all thought of Karma- she feels she does not deserve the bad karma her hunger bestowed on her as she always strived to be obedient.
However she still strives to hold up her optimistic outlook though she feels she has grown into her darker persona.

* Writing Stories
* Painting
* Clothes Making
* Athletic sport

'Miko does not get on with technology
(She finds the workings of modern machinery confusing and often shouts as her TV for not doing what she asked)

Special Abilities/Powers:
Pyro-Kinesis * Emiko can control flames as a replacement power (Weakened alternative) of her fathers demonic manipulation of Hell-fire.

Demonic Hunger * This may not be seen as a power though it is something she possessed, inherited from her father.
'Miko unlike any of her relatives possesses an evil hunger - in which she craves the taste of flesh, she becomes ill if she does not 'feed herself'. She needs it to sustain herself much like sanguine vampires and their blood-lust.
This presented when she hit Kitsune puberty and has since progressed. To the dismay of her family she was found devouring a house guest in a ravenous/crazed state only months after her 18th birthday.
(* Emiko still has no control over this urge)

* Piano
* Painting
* Cooking/Baking

* Use of Technological Equipment
* Sometimes clumsy
* Gives into her Brother - Jirou (Onisan)

Popular or Loner:
'Miko has never kept close friends as she is closest to her half-siblings. Especially Fuyumi & Jirou.
She may come across shy at first though she makes friends easily when she is in unfamilar places as she feels she can be whoever she wants to me - this being one of the reasons she travels so often. (The freedom)

* Dying from an Illness young
* Losing beloved family members (Her mother, Fuyumi and Jirou)

General Likes:
* Painting + Drawing * Writing stories * Playing piano * Running/walking/climbing * Athletics * Cooking/Baking * Sewing
* Light pastel colours * Any weather - come rain or shine * Cookies & Milk * Fuyumi & Jirou

General Dislikes:
* Ojisan/ Her Uncle * Traditional Japanese clothing * Techno Music * Reika/Sister * Rude people * Negativity
* Bouts of Hunger * The sickening repentance she feels after having fed

Usually Equipped With:
* A small bag hung around her shoulder
(Numerous things inside depending on where she is. She likes to travel light)
* Her claws?
('Miko has never found a need for any weaponry as she would rather scarper from confrontation)


Mother: (Japanese - Kitsune)
Kazumi Akiyama ('A thousand Summer songs')

Mother's role in upbringing:
Kazumi was somewhat ashamed of her 'love affair' with Dywight and so she distanced herself from 'Miko at a early age, letting her family look after her as they saw fit. Her own mother and aunts were all to eager to shape the child so as she would not bring any more dishonour on the family.
As Emiko came into adolescence 'Zumi became to pity her daughter as she had no opinion of her own due to the severity of the control her family had over her. Zumi' eventually advised 'Miko to travel and gave her the chance to leave Shiori Sora and grow as a person. Her first trip from the Akiyama house was merely to the village center even though it was a small step it proved over-whelming to 'Miko though it lead her to crave more outings and she eventually became closer to her estranged mother.

Father: (American - Demon)
Dwight Mc Growan

Father's role in upbringing:
'Miko never met her father as he left soon after her conception as the armed forces he was in left Shiori Sora for Blue Ash.
She was told though he was a demon and a flesh eater at that he was always kind and respectful to Kazumi.

Birth order of Siblings:
* 1. Hitoshi (Benevolent)
* 2. Jirou (Second Son)
* 3. Reika (Beatiful Petal)
* 4. Fuyumi (Winter fruit)

Relationship with Siblings:
Hitoshi - Emiko never knew her oldest half brother all that well as he was a great deal older than her and was married with a wife of his own upon her birth

Jirou - Onisan always spoiled his little sister though he teased her for her height and adorable features. He called her his 'little doll' for many years. It was rumoured that Jirou loved 'Miko as more than a sister though after this was found out my the elder members of the family his marriage to to his wife Akari Yukimura was arranged.

Reika - Re' was always jealous of Miko as she was the most beautiful girl and was praised and given attention because of it until Miko was born. She also despised Emiko as she was also only her half sister and was not her fathers daughter as she was.

Fuyumi - 'Yumi was very young when 'Miko was born and so their were close play mates as children. Their friendship and Sisterhood is still strong today. 'Yumi also ran from the controlling ways of the Akiyama family and now works as an assassin for a Japanese Myth' Equality group.

Family Finances:
The Akiyama family are fairly wealthy in their community.

Emiko studied all the usual subjects until she was in her late teens

Ethnic Heritage:

Languages Spoken:
Japanese, English + French

'Miko travels frequently and so her accent if very weak, though she still pronounces some English words with a Japanese accent.


' June was the month of my birth and the Spring of my lifetime, it was going to be a bleak season for certain.
I was born to an ashamed mother and an absent father, whom I was never to meet.
My mother felt no maternal love for me, the cub she bore, and so I was placed in the hands of my grandmother and two aunts. Though my Uncle acted as a father he was stern and controlling... he is dead now. Which I am thankful for.
I was a shame upon the family. I was the unplanned love child of my mother's demonic lover. To this day I do not know his name, yet my mission is to find him.

I am on a ferry bound for china and then I shall make my way to Russia. My destination is Blue Ash. I am told that is his home.
My life of late has been a roller-coaster and I am not the girl I was made to believe I was, now it is time I knew the truth and there is only he who might tell me what that is.

I am Emiko Akiyama and I am Kin...
I have a secret and I need answers before I disclose it.'


'My childhood was neither a blessing or a curse. It was pleasant enough.
My mother was still distant for most of it. She stood in the background watching me with her mournful expression.
Never disproving though neither caring about my achievements.

Although I was the outcast child, I was taken care of, and molly coddled the most, mainly so I would not waver from the path my careers has set me on. I was dressed by a maid, served by a maid and examined by Bāchan (Grandmother) and my aunts daily. Nothing in the first 20 years of my life went unnoticed or unaided.

I never saw Hitoshi, he and Akari had their own lives - My eldest brother and his dear wife.
Reika hated me with a vengeance and stayed away from the 'adorable Miko' as much as she could.
My old friends where found in Onisan and 'Yumi-chan. My eldest half siblings Jirou and Fuyumi (The 2nd and 4th children of my mothers husband - Hino)
Though Jirou's brotherly teasing about my height, doll'like face and immaturity bothered me at the time, I find that these days I miss his assumption of my childish innocences.
My dear 'Yumi is far far away, on her own mission to find herself. We write, but not too often. I miss them.

That is all for the Summer, it came and went quickly.
My coming of age came all to soon and so did the curse that came as a disappointing birthday present from my long estranged father.'


'The Sweet Summer of life was over...
Only a few months after my 18th birthday came a feeling I will never forget.

I was laid on my bed in the middle of the night when I suddenly burst into a sweat. Then came the ravenous hunger unlike anything I had ever experienced -A grinding my in my stomach, a true emptiness riddled my stomach. My mouth felt dry; in my fear I ran to my bathroom to quench the thirst. My head thrust under the running water from the tap was when it dawned upon me:
'This was NOT a sickness or a freak attack... This was my inheritance'

A moment of silence filled my room as I sunk into a pile on the cool tiles of my bathroom floor.
A harsh and feral growl rang from my chest. It startled me! Was that really me own voice?'


'Now 4 years later and 22 years of age I venture into an Icy Winter.
As I said before I sit on a ferry on my way to Blue Ash to find my long lost father.

I have strived for these few years to calm and control my hunger, to no avail.
Many a soul has met their demise at my bloody hand - No more, this demon inside me will become obedient. I will not let myself be ravaged by this monster. I need to tame this beast and there is only one person who can help me.

I am Emiko Akiyama and I am Kin
I am desperate for answers...
Help me tame this flesh eating beast... '


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