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---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: DMT
Real life name : andre
---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Salvier Amon Valentir

Age: 23

Birthplace: Blue Ash.

Current Residence (Room, not town): Valentir Manor in Blue Ash.

Species: Addonexus.

Nickname(s) [If any]: Sal, '' Salvier Rapier ''

Sex: male

Birthday: August 29th, [Birthyear here]

Physical Appearance

Height & Body Type: 5'10 ft.

Eyes: Solid Emerald. White Pupils.

Skin Tone: Tan.

Scars: Insignifigant Scars on Hands, knuckles, Feet, and left collar bone.

Hair Color & Style: Black, Short.

Other (Wings, ears, etc): Will sometimes appear With skull infront of normal face.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: Scared of heights, Smoker.

Talents: Entertainment, Smithing.

Self-Image: Common Civilian, Upper Class. Traditional Values.

Weakness: Magnetism.

Special Abilities/Powers:
Telepathy - Average Telepathy. Nothing special. Along with capability to Conceal or Protect own mind.
Metal manipulation.- Often Used with his bone techniques.

Temperament/Overall Personality: Genuinely nice guy, Intelligent, but lacks common sense. Often speaks or acts without thinking. Grows protective of good friends, and family. Leader; not a follower. Die on his Feet; never on his knees.

Fears: Heights, STD's, Dying painfully, or Alone.

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: The right one is out there. So many different kinds of people; theres a chance I might not meet mine in this lifetime, but i can look again in the next. Relationships are complicated, But having one would be cool too.

General Likes: Smithing, being alone, Hunting, Sitting near graveyards, burial grounds, or other locations with mass amounts of bone.

General Dislikes: Staying inside, Darker places, Ignorance, arrogance, powerful people.

Equipped: A coat of Metal around his bone structure, Shifting it with his Bones when he uses them..


Mother: Elison Valentir
[ Gifted w/ Metal manipulation Genetics at birth. ]

Father: Tyran Valentir - Deceased.
[ Passed on Valentir Manor. ]

Family Finances: High Class, Wealthy Traders.

Birth Order & Siblings: Only Child.

Ethnic Heritage: Russian/Polish.

Accent: Heavy Low tone English, Russian Accent..

History: Salvier grew up a normal human, til the age of 8.His mother was a metal manipulator And Addonexus; Who never matured into her bone power and His Father, A Full Blooded Addonexus, who was gifted with his Bone manipulation at age 10.Three months after his birthday He was in town with his mother after a long day of basic training, a calm nice night walking home. When his mother was attacked by a Crazed Sanguine in the streets, and torn to shreds infront of him. He ran from the hooded figure as fast as he could, but was knocked to the ground and passed out. He woke up, in a Wooden Barred wagon. Looked colorful; but had no lights. It pulled to he side after ten minutes of screaming. An older Vampiress woman stepped forward, And spoke to him through the gate, Saying That hes part of a show, and that if i dont impress, theyd dispose of him. She spoke of how she knew her mother the metal bender, and her son, with the great talent. She explained that hes been out, and thered be no possible way to make it back to blue ash on his own. And that she'd treat him good, if he obeyed. Paralyzed in fear, and shock from the death of his mother, and abduction he had no choice, but to sit back, and join the show.
He stayed in the Travelling circus, til he was 13. He became the main attraction of the show; brought in so much coin, the Vampiress couldnt have been more satisfied, She treated him like a son. And he had his own pet, Shaw. A Long white haired, Albino Gorilla. It was an '' Show at the show that Salvier would look over. '' Amazing Child Size Gorilla, with Sal the child Swordsmen. '' Doing flips, and fancy foot work with Blades; Salvier would manipulate them, to spin and keep them balanced on The Gorilla's limbs, or nose, as they stunned the crowd with stunts and moves. He had no complaints in this new life, he worked for his shelter, and Fair treatment.
However He gets no sleep, the night before his last show. '' His growing pains '' getting to be too much . his bones, cracking to the smallest motions. Caught up in his new Life; he never thought the Day of Maturity would come. He inherited his Bone Manipulation. He performs, on point; the crowd going wild. The other acts, jealous; some clapping themselves. He'd be swallowing swords; But manipulating them into a flexibile liquid form, within his mouth, then reforming it, as he pulls his arm out. He juggles blades by the blade. and plays dangerous looking games, with knives and his fingers. And for his last act, he needs an assistant, And Calls a Vampire out, from one of his fellow workers. Salvier knew this man, vaguely from around the circus. And something seemed familiar about him. Everyone seemed, to lay off the subject, if he were ever brought up. But When he stepped up to the light, he realized who it really was. Dakius Moor, The vampire who had killed his mother, the night he was retrieved. the look, in his eye, the stance, and his build. Without thinking, the act begins, The Dakius steps into a Small slim, but tall box, With Sword Slots, to go through both sides. The act, is to awe the crowd by Shoving Swords through the assistant. when he would really bend the swords inside the box, to go around him. But this time; things were different. Salvier had a look in his eye, after locking the vampire in the box, And proceeding by Slamming All 3 swords into the box at once; One at the neck. One at at Heart, And one in the Abdomen / Pelvic Area. Dakius Was killed on contact, with all three, As Salvier took his grasp off the swords; He widened their mass, sharpening them and making them larger; while inisde his victims body. The Crowd, either screaming, or in silent shock panics. Salvier, simply walks out of the large building slowly, and sneakyily, treating from the rooftops out to the trailors. While on his way out, he saw Shaw, making a fuss about seeing him. Thinking of This Wild beast as a pet, he would walk over to the Cage, Grab a Chain , And Link it Around Shaw neck, and take him away. He Then decided to test his newfound ability; and return home With his best friend.
Stuffing Shaw into the his Trailor, wasnt an Easy task, But he managed it.. He Hopped infront, and Drove off. Escaping out of town, in any direction. He had no idea where he was, or if he was going the right way; but he didnt really care either.
Being 13 when he left the circus, He didnt reach Blue Ash til he was 16, His father had passed on, and left the house in his name. He lived there alone, And wasnt around it much, unless he was sleeping.
One Day he went looking around, and came to his fathers old Blacksmithing Forge. He decided to skip the hunting, and try making something for himself. He spent the afternoon Crafting out a Long Large blade, A Claymore with a slight curve. inside the blade, her filled it with his own bone marrow. Making him and his sword one, in a unique way .
Now years of blackmsithing, hunting, fishing, and exploring the outsides of Blue ash after his long journey home. The Ideal Man.
Mastering Metal; and even bringing pure ore from the grounds of Caves and mines. One day; he wishes to own a mine himself. His Bone Techniques; learned slower; but focused with power. A Slower learner; As he taught himself.
Age 18, Killed his second victim; A Thief who approachs him out in the woods, With many knives strapped across his chest. He wants everything, and if Salvier doesnt comply. he kills him. Salvier, in return. merely moved his palm forwards; bending the knives on this mans belt, and forcing them into the thiefs chest like staple. His organs severed, and shredded. He dies in the woods and is found days later. Salvier; long retreated to a small Tavern in Alabaster but was mostly in hiding til he was 20. He then, got ballsy, and returned to find, no one suspected a thing, and it was a forgotten manner.. The town is cold hearted, but he prefers to try and lighten it up abit. Through Hunting, And Mining, He gathers a large quanity of money for his finds, And Started his own shop a year and a half later, sure it may not be a mine itself but it was shocking, that he was his own boss for once. And he loved it. He started crafting Blades and Armor Daily. Using his metal manipulation, he made it an art. He Instead of just hunting; He Trapped aswell, Travelling to Far places to Capture useful animals of all sorts. He obtained friends within the branches of Alcohol Brewing, and Liquor Selling. And began stocking that aswell. He now Owns Trelams Trading Company.
Trelam; Being a God of Fortune, he had grown up with. He didnt care about the money, at this point, life couldnt get better just doing whatever he wanted, when he wanted.
Languages Spoken: English.

Religion: [ Just made up ]
Godess Amora ;
This goddess of attraction takes the form of a crone with the traits of a bovine. She has an angular build. Her outfit is made from a strangely transparent substance, and is that of a painter. She carries a magnifying glass.
God Trelam ;
This seasoned god of fortune takes the form of a young man. He has a boyish build. He has midnight black hair worn in a style that resembles a shark's fin. His almond-shaped eyes are blood-red. He has tan skin. He is usually portrayed as wearing a plain suit of armor. He carries a buckler. He has four faces. He has four pairs of bat-like wings. He can bestow or take good fortune.
God Dolces ;
This god of focus, and sense. takes the form of an adult man with the head of a spider. He is inhumanly tall and has a boyish build. He is usually portrayed as wearing a flattering set of robes and various armbands and trinkets.

Other Things: not shit. MORE TO COME. [ INCOMPLETE ].


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