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~ The Land of Ice & Arcane Majesty: ~
BlueAsh, Russia

'On top of a Mountain, amidst the ice and snow of the cold North, lays the Ancient and Legendary Village of Blue Ash

'Dobro pozhalovat╩╣ na temnuyu storonu Mificheski─ş mir'
Welcome to the dark side of the Mythical World'


Blue Ash is the place where those whom consider themselves 'Open minded', just plain nefarious, or ancients, gather.
This is no village for the faint of heart - the residents of this community are the likes of Celestial beings in all their denominations; Demons, Kin. Angels, Fallen, Orinia and Nephlim. However the majority of the community is formed by Vamperics: Sanguine for the most part, and the odd Psionic that brings in the Krusnik Clans.
Lycan and all their kind sometimes wander through, though most of them remain in their fur to battle the bitter cold. Those who are not phased however are the remaining dwarfish community that carved out the mine and crater in which the village is built and they are the characters often seen outdoors in all weathers.

If the people of this lofty village do not detour you, perhaps the climate?
Covered with snow nearly all year, forget the light British rain that falls on Alabaster, Blue Ash is the victim of violent hale storms and gale force winds - that have destroyed all hope that the tree's would ever grow beyond eight feet tall.
The village square is often left desolate due to these environmental assaults, though indoors is where all the fun it to be had -
there are the few that do brave the harsh climate, and litter the lamp-lit streets at all hours of the day.

At the highest point of the village (or at least as high as a man dare go without suffercating in the thin air that looms over the mountain's peak) sits Davikov Castle, where the supposed oldest pure-blood vampiric family in the world; rules over the village with an iron fist.

Davikov Coven:
One of the worlds most ancient Covens founded my Kostya Davikov, the son of the first Russian Pure-blood.
It was he who formed one of the first pure-blood (Sanguine) families, through interbreeding with his Romanian Relatives.
The Coven is a legend even amongst the Mythical world, due to its attitude to brute force and cohesion the coven is feared.
Back in the times when Vampire hunting clans swept through the rural villages of Europe, the Clan of the Davikov Coven were infamous for leaving behind their signature - Each village that fell as their victim, was left drained of all human life, the only remnants left was the pile of drained, burning bodies. The ashes were said to fall from the sky like Black snow, thus came the metaphorical name 'Black Winter' that the Covens elite now go by - they are in a Military division all of their own.

On the exterior, BlueAsh may seem like a quiet, sleepy mountain village, but don't let that fool you. Most of its work is done behind the scenes, in dark allies, and seedy clubs where more than drinking and dancing goes on...


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