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~ The Seaside Paradise & Mediterranean Mistress: ~
Isadora, Spain

'The Mistress of the Mediterranean lounges herself along the sun drenched coastline of Eastern Spain. Left in ruins for many a century until like a phoenix from the Ashes Isadora rose in sparkling flame. A Modern Mythical wonder which is home to the most controversial law system of any Mythical Community.
Mortals are allowed...
Living la vida loca!

Since the reclamation of the ruined city in the 1800's, Isadora has never been the same.

In the late 1600's the great City, which was crowned as Capitol of the Mythical World at the time, came to its downfall.
As in many Mythical places all over the world in that time, Vampires were known as a superior race and many of their noble families ruled over places such as Isadora, Alabaster and BlueAsh.
Although with the mysterious death of the last descendant of The De La Vega's: The oldest Hispanic Vampire, family to have been recorded, the City had lost its last vamperic ruler.
The white marble structures that once glistened in the glory days of the city fell into disrepair and the long white beaches went unkempt for almost 300 years.

Until by chance a court of Norwegian Elves came upon the ruin, they sensed that the place had been torn from nature. Twisted and tormented by an old evil that lurked there. This pained the Courts leaders. and particularly the head's daughter. she begged her father to save the wretched place.

The history of Isadora is a swarded tale and though today it has faded into the background, the remnance of the evil that marred Isadora still remains to the North East boarder of the City - The palace that once was the De La Vega Villa has lasted the test of time and is standing at the top of a small hill overlooking the long coastal beach. The Villa is a haunting place where few dare go. It is said that the walls are stained in blood, the blood that was spilt during a tragedy that occurred in the last year of their reign due to the 'condition' of Mistress of the house's mental state. There are tales of the tragedy that fell upon the La Vega household, though there are very few whom know the truth of the Mistress' torment.

Isadora: Rebirth
Today the shadows of Isadora's eerie past have long since vanished and the City rose from its decay - victorious, with the aid of the Elven Court and transformed into what is it today...A coastal resort with the modernisation of the mortal world.
The younger members of the court voted against their more experienced elder's, in hopes that they could bring the City 'up to date'. For century's since the Court arrived, the City was sculpted into a nature reserve of sorts; a haven of peace and tranquillity for mythical creature's of all creeds.
The son of the Court head swayed his mother, like she had persuaded her father to save the City, and seeing that he in her likeness had plans for Isadora as she did as a young girl - she allowed him to fulfil his wish.

So Isadora changed once again, and has blossomed into the vivacious hub that is it today.
The scent of saltwater always seems to linger in the air, as the sun beams down on the city almost all year around to remind the residence that even in this modernised mythical city, nature is never too far away.
The lively night life that Isadora has to offer beckons any one who should step into the city to try something new with an open-mind.
Its sun drenched beaches on the Mediterranean coast attract Mythicals from all over the globe to come and bask in the rays whilst taking in the magnificent scenery.
Further into the city, one can find Isadora's famous entertainment district, lined with popular dance clubs and restaurants. However, most who come to Isadora only do so to vacation, though their are the few that own holiday homes or apartments so as they can vacation out of season.

Though all this may sound attractive their those who choose to steer clear of this Modern Wonder due to its unusual law's on Mortal activity. Mortals are allowed to enter Isadora and some do live amongst their mythical neighbours fooled by the Elven Glamours that are bestowed on certain parts of the City. Though Downtown is completely restricted, and is an area that only Mythicals may enter.



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