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~The Eastern Countryside, The Village of the White Sky: ~
Shiori Sora, Japan

On the most Northern Island of Hokkaidō, in the Soya region, between the foot hills of Mont. Poroshiri and Lake Poro lays the Village of the White Sky: Shirori Sora.
An ancient farming town, that is hidden by the cover of the mountain and guarded but the coast.
Shiori is the home of the Neko & Kitsune...
Kon'nichiwa Traveller!

It is unknown how long the farming town of Shiori Sora has been existence due both to its location and the fact that is it completely self-reliant. The land is plentiful in natural resources and the town center is only a few minutes walk from a large source of fresh water.

As far as it's History goes, little is known as only the towns elders hold the scrolls that disclose the events of how Shiori came to be and its history from then, however due to the Japanese culture these have never been seen by anyone outside the town council.

It is often thought that Shiori Sora (usually referred to as simply Shiori) is where the species of neko and kitsune originated and the land is still very heavily populated by them. In places such as Alabaster, Isadora and Blueash are or once were ran by Vamperics, however this is not so and never has been in Shiori Sora - due to the fact that they are so scarce in this part of the world.

Shiroi is a small town, although it still is substantially populated. Many travelling Mythicals that wander into this town find that if they tend to dwell in more wooded places they will always find themselves comfortable in the Japanese village; while it may not be surrounded by trees - agriculture and nature play a major role in the every day life of nearly every resident, making it a place well liked by elves and fae (as well as its native races - Neko and Kitsune).

Under a calm, white sky (which the village gets its name from), Shiori is known to be the most peaceful of the five mythical communities, as battles over who rules the land are rare and a strong sense of community is very highly thought of.
As far as rulers go; there are three families which are highly thought of, and which ever family happens to have the eldest son, come the death or resignation of the previous head, this boy is to become leader of the town council.

The Mythical world simply wouldn't be the same with out its oriental haven, and many of the 'gentler' races tend to flock here, where as the darker ones stay further north in places such as Alabaster and Blue-Ash.

The vast agricultural fields that surround the town are always crying out of care and harvesters to come and discover them, a working town - Shiori, is a good place to go to work and get away from the bustle and pressures of the world.
If you are looking for a tranquil and naturalistic hideaway Shiori Sora is the place to escape to.


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