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~ The New World: ~
Lockwood, Maine, The United States

On the other side of the Atlantic is the youngest of the five mythical communities. Found nestled in the rural area of northern Maine...this place is known by all but goes unvisited by many, it is named: Lockwood.

Shortly after the settlement of Massachusetts by English pilgrims and colonists, a group of mythicals who had been living in Alabaster also decided to cross the Atlantic and establish a settlement of their own. Though the original idea was to settle close to the settlement of Plymouth at the time, the mythicals landed on what is now the coast of Maine (which, at the time, was part of Massachusetts), about two hours away from their original destination. Upon a few months of living on the settlement, the sixteen different elves and lycanthropes that had originally found themselves there realized their "village" was ready for a greater population. Houses were built, farmland was set aside, and within two months, another boat had docked and another thirty mythicals (mostly family members of those who were already there, but there were a few fae) proudly came to call Lockwood in the "New World" home. All was quiet until the dawn of the Revolutionary War, when the 13 American colonies tried for independence from England. In this realization, the people of Lockwood also found they longed to be separate from their Mother Land of Alabaster, which was, at the time ruled by its founder's oldest son, Lucian Black. While the Blacks and Alabaster only funded Lockwood, it was still considered property of Alabaster, which the people of Lockwood did not like. Within America's own revolt against the British came a brief but important war between Lockwood and Alabaster. The war ended a few months shy of the American one, when Lucian Black mysteriously vanished, leaving Alabaster with his half brother, Abel Black, as the new lord of the land. A peace-treaty was agreed upon that lead to Lockwood's independence.

The town was originally to be modeled after Alabaster, but took on a personality of its own in that it resembles a typical New England town: quaint and surrounded by the forests, whose trees proudly display their reds and golds in the autumn. Though the woods that surround the town seem endless, Lockwood is only twenty miles away from Maine's extensive, rocky coastline. Some of the towns people say that, if you stand in a more elevated point on a clear day, you might be able to catch the scent of ocean water in the wind.

Now the village is primarily settled by elves, fae, weres, and lycanthropes, though the occasional demon or fallen angel wanders in. Lockwood, unlike three out of the other four settlements, never saw itself ruled by vampirics since its gain of independence, making it a popular place for mythicals who seek to escape that.

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