I'm going to sleep away camp :(

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I'm going to sleep away camp :( Empty I'm going to sleep away camp :(

Post  Jacksonfrost on Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:18 am

Hello fellow Alabasterians and Blue Ashers. On Sunday July 22 i will leave my home to go to Camp Appel for a month, but i will still be here for Siege Day so don't worry Razz Their are no electronics allowed in this camp so i can not contact or play Habbome (The retro site that we have moved to if anyone has been slow on the move concept) Or check the forums post, again i will be back for Siege Day and will be looking forward to it while i do my classes, You have two major "Fun classes" while you are their, mying is video and photography so i'll be looking forward to showing what i have been doing on here! (If Jess lets me :L)

- Tristen Desrosiers

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