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---OOC Information---
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---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae-Venesmee

Titles: Due to Riane's father being a king of a town in italy, she inheritted the title Princess, but when she moved from the town she returned to usual Miss.

Meaning of Name: The meaning of Riane is little king, however Riane's mother Rogue did not pick Riane's name because of this, she picked the name because when she found out the gender of her child, her close friends Rose and Ariane we're there, and Ariane told her the gender of her child.

Coven/Clan Belonged to: Her mother belonged to The Rosetta Coven, and had when she was a child, she gave her an ankh necklace, but later on gave her a locket with an ankh carved into it.

Apparent Age: No older than 17.

Real Age: 108.

Birthplace: Alabaster.

Current Residence: Since Riane returned from her travels to Alabaster, she has not devulged the information on her current residence.

Lives With: Riane lives alone.

Occupation: Riane is not required to work because of her mother and fathers wealth, but will often be seen helping others around where she is.

Past Occupations: When Riane was forced to go undercover due to being hunted by an elder vampire, she worked in a hotel in italy.

Species: Vamparic-Elementalist Hybrid.

Nickname(s): Some people call Riane, Ria but this is only her close friends and family.

Sex: Female.

Birthday: February 29th.

Physical Appearance

-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  21j2dl2

General Description/Facial Features: Riane is of average apperance, but she doesn't care much of her appearance or others opinions on her appearance, She has an oval face with strong feminine facial features. To go with her apperance she has long brown hair which falls beneath her collar bone. Riane has almond-shaped, emerald green eyes with thick dark lashes, although Riane's eyes seem to be darker in color when she hasn't fed, she is thought of as having a "smokey" and "shadowy" appearance.

-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  2cgc908

Height & Body Type: Riane is 5'5", Riane has a rather slender figure with some elements of an hour glass to it.

-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  2s0hdzp
a picture of Riane natural, before she dyed her hair bright red with black highlights.

Eyes: Riane has dark blue eyes, almost like a marine blue. She hates the cliche line "Your eyes are as blue as the ocean" because her eyes are nowhere in comparison to the ocean, and have black and golden flexes in them.

Hair Color & Style: Riane has long dyed red hair which falls beneath her collar bone, she wears her hair in a variety of styles.

Skin Tone: Riane has a slightly olive tone skin, but when she's in the cold i turns quite pale.

Scars: Riane has a few scars she got from when she was a child around her ankles, from where she would often run through raven wood bare foot.

Type of Dresser: Riane is thought of as quite a casual dresser, but also can dress up pretty well when she wants to.

Tattoos/Piercings: Both Riane's ears are pierced, aswell as a piercing above her right ear.

Personality & Such

Mental State: Riane is 75% Sane, and 25% Insane, she can encounter moments where her insanity can be displayed at a frightening rate.

Talents: Riane is very talented at using her abilities which she posesses, and has gained knowledge on how to use her abilities to their most powerful over the duration of time she has lived, She is a very talented gymnast and acrobat like her mother, and is also a very talented dancer, musician, singer and actress like her mother. Some think of her as "the younger doppleganger of her mother." Riane has also learnt various fighting styles, which encounter offence and defence skills, and is a talented swordsman. She also has several degree's which she received when she was in boarding school.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Hunting, Gymnastics, Actrobatics, Reading, Spending time in the woods of alabaster.

Interests: Literature, Music, Fighting styles, Gymnastics & Acrobatics.

Self-Image: Riane does value her apperance but not to what some would called vanity, she doesn't like people commenting on her apperance whether the comments are good or bad, because she beleives its personality that matters, not apperance. She has an overwhelming confidence within herself when it comes to matters of intelligence, and occasionally her apperance, which some find intimidating because most aren't as confident as her around others. She does have moments of jelousy around other females, but this could be something she inheritted from her aunt like figure.

Weakness: One of Riane's main weakness's is blood, though through her mother's side she has developed a tolerancy for small amounts of the substance.

Special Abilities/Powers


One of Riane's abilities which she has harnessed to its most powerful is Electrokinesis , Riane is able to manipulate electrons at will and use them to her own advantage, She can control, generate and absorb electrical energys, she inheritted this gift from her mother, who was also an electrical elementalist, like herself. She has many applications to this power whether its using static electrons to form around herself/others to pin them to walls, or to assist herself it walking up walls etc.

Telepathy/Cloaked Telepathy

Riane has also harnessed her ability of telepathy, she is telepathic with every species unlike most psionics, but she its thought that she got this gift from her mother also, she is able to do various things with her telepathy, one of the main ones being able to cloak her telepathic print from others so she can penetrate others minds without being noticed which also gives her a natural mind block, she can also display images in others heads. She has mastered most of the applications to telepathy, except mind switching which is what she is working on, this is where she switches her mind with someone elses, allowing her to take control of someone elses body, and them the same to hers. Although when she tried this before, she could only do it for a short period of time, and when the other persons mind entered her body, they collapsed, but she rarely does this, but would like to be able to do so. She is also able to relepathically connected with animals/wildlife and manipulate them to do things.

Enhanced Senses

Like most people of vamparic origin, Riane has enhanced senses, like speed, hearing, reflexes, smell, strength, healing. This is a natural gift that Riane posessed since a child.

Popular or Loner: Riane is quite popular, but also likes her own spaces, and time.

Overall Personality: Riane is a very good person, and would do mostly anything for her family or friends. She has an overwhelming sense of confidence when it comes to talking to new people, and will often go up to someone she has never met, and will start talking and developing friendships with others. Riane has a bad temperament when it comes to matters of which someone speaks about her family or friends, and is often thought as quite violent when needs to be. She is a true and honest friend, and is often seen smiling, other than when she's angry, upset, annoyed etc. She also has good social skills, she can be seen tov be jelous around other people if they have something she doesnt, or if she thinks they look better than her.

Best Personality Trait: Her socialness.

Worst Personality Trait: When she is angry, she will lash out at others.

Fears: Riane is quite astrong woman, and doesn't fear much., but can often hide her feelings when she does fear something.

Sexuality: (Totally lesbo) Riane is straight.

General Likes: Reading, Gymnastics, Friendly people, Acrobatics, Singing, Dancing, Walking, Exercise, Sport, Art.

General Dislikes: Arrogant people, Sleazy men, Abnormally tall people.

Usually Equipped With: Riane is usually seen with a dagger sheathed at her side, She is also usually wearing a white gold pendant her mother gave her, The pendant is in the form of a locket, encrusted with an Ankh on the front of the locket which is The Rosetta Coven's symbol. Behind the locket, encrusted in the shape of flames is the a rare black onyx crystal, the pendant appears to be minimalistic and is indeed very beautiful.

-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  160bjtw
The pendant her mother gave her.


-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  E5n1xf

Mother: Rogue Marie Tenebrae.

Mother's role in upbringing: Rogue played a big part in Riane's life, although she was unable to teach her daughter to hunt. She left that to Riane's father. Rogue made sure that Riane saw her father equally, and that they spent an equal amount of time together. Rogue sent Riane to boarding school in france so she could get the best education, which was advised by her mothers friend, Valentina.

-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  Wlsinb

Father: Ben Venesmee

Father's role in upbringing: Ben and Riane we're very close from the day she started walking, Riane would often help her father with day to day bits. Riane inheritted her Psionic abilities from her father. When Ben moved to his home so he could rule his town again, Riane up and left her mother to be with her father. Rogue and Ben wern't married, so Riane had to choose which parent she'd see less off, and decided to see less of her mother. After six months in Italy as princess, Riane left her father.

-- Riane Rose-Marie Tenebrae --  290txsm

Godmother: Rose Courtez

Godmother's role in upbringing: Rose and Riane we're very close, Riane calls Rose "Aunt Rose" because Rose was always like a sister to her mother, Rose was the first person to introduce Riane to the tavern, where Rose would buy Riane a juice, and Riane would enjoy the company of her godmother.

Family Finances: Both sides of Riane's family are very wealthy, which would explain why she is now extremely wealthy from inheritting her mothers finances.

Birth Order & Siblings: Riane is an only child, but she her father two girls who we're older than her, but Riane didn't count them as family, just merely lodgers.

Relationships with Siblings: Riane has no siblings in her eyes, though her adopted sisters she thought of as "lodgers" and spent no time with them, unless forced.

Education: Riane attended a vamparic boarding school in france, where she left with several degree's.

Ethnic Heritage: English, Italian.

Accent: Riane has an english accent, though of some words a subtle tone of italian and french can be heard.



Riane lived a normal childhood a child from a rich family would live, Living in the Tenenbrae Manor located in the depths of alabaster in Pinewood Cresent. As a child, Riane enjoyed spending time with her mother and her mothers friends, so without the childish questions, she was growing into a young lady at quite a young age. Her father having taught her how to hunt, and her Mother having taught her how to use some of her ability gave her the best start to live a child would need, As a child Riane spent alot of time with her Aunt Rose, and the pair we're quite inseperable. She often spent her time in ravenwood, dancing around the forest, going on adventures with her imagionation, or either sitting in the woods with a good book in her grasp. When she was six her mother sent her to boarding school where she would receive the best education she could receive. When she was on her holidays, She would often to weekly piano lesson's with Ariane which she enjoyed very much. Unfortunately, her parent's wern't married or in a relationship when she was conceived, but Ben lived with his daughter and her mother, so he could be closer to her.

Adolesant Years

As a teenager, Riane was quite the inquisitve one. Having left her boarding school at thirteen with three degree's under her belt, she was quite lucky. As a teenager she posessed the ability of empathy which she soon lost when she was 18, which is something she was not pleased about. She would often duplicate someone else's emotion on herself with just a single touch. Age sixteen she moved to Italy with her father, because he had to return to his throne in his village. Riane abliged to join him, and was soon called "Princess Riane Venesmee" but Riane didn't think much of this, as she didn't want to be a Princess. Unfortunately, Riane had to live with her father's girlfriend who sworn to kill her, but she never did because she was aware Riane's ability was stronger than her mothers, and Riane would not hesitate to kill her step-mother. After six months of living it Italy, she had enough of being watched by her father's guards, and being unable to live a free willed life. So she moved away, in the hopes she could resume connections with her mother. When she returned to Alabaster, she found that her mother had moved away, so she now knew she had to find her mother.

THe Elder.

Twenty years had passed, and Riane was still unable to find her mother. She was currently in the town of Russia, and fell invole with the son of an Elder called Christo, The pair spent constant nights together, and she even moved into the Manor he lived in with his father, Elder Mikael. Mikael was an Elder vampire, who was one of the first pure-blood vampire's to pass the earth. It was a warm summer's night and Riane decided she'd go get some sleep, when she smelt the strong scent of Christo coming from one of the maid's quaters, entering the quaters she found the pair on a bed, kissing. Devestated and Angry, Riane instinctively killed the pair, without a second thought, soon after she had done this, Mikael walked into the quaters to find a blood soaked Riane standing over the body of his son, with a bloody dagger in her hand. From then, Riane was on the run for 50 years from him, and his coven members, but Riane doesn't speak of this.

Fiftyyears had passed, and she assumed Mikael would stop hunting her down. Leaving the room of the hotel she was renting in Russia, she saw Mikael standing outside alone, cloaked in black clothing from head to toe. Riane had sucessfully wiped out the majority of Mikael's coven members, leaving Mikael. Mikael ran at Riane with a swift blur, swinging his hand to her face, sending her flying. Riane rose from the rubble from where she had hit on of the pillar's of the hotel. Turning to face Mikael, her face seemed rather pale and her vains looked black alomst bursting from her skin. She raised her hands towards Mikael as he ran at her, manipulating the static electrons to send 1000 volts into his temples. Mikael instantly fell to the floor, still. Riane walked over to his body, assuming he was dead. Mikael swung himself up with a dagger aimed towards Riane's theigh. Swiftly blurring out of the way, she swung her leg round to under Mikae's nose. Sending her foot to his head with some force, ramming Mikael in the nose instantly knocking him out. Clenching her fingers over anouther, so her palm was clear and visible, she swung her palm up to the bottom of Mikae's nose, the bone crashing into her palm as she jabbed it upwards with some force, the sound of cracking of Mikael's skull echoed throughout the hotel lobby, his eyes opening slightly before they froze open. Riane had cracked the bone into his brain, instantly killing Mikael. She looked to his limp body, before turning her gaze upwards to the Hotel doors, where she saw her mother standing there with a pleased smile upon her lips. Riane walked to her mother, before a demon appeared behind Rogue. "Look out!" Riane yelled, recognising the demon as one who was set to kill Rogue. He rapped his hands over Rogue's neck, and disapeared into a thick cloud of smoke.

She then returned to alabaster.

Languages Spoken: English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Latin, German, and she knows a few phrases in other languages.

Religion: Riane has no religion.

Theme Song:


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